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    Bike cleaner recommendations

    We’ve just run out of Fenwicks bike cleaner. What’s the current bike shampoo of choice in your garage?
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    Kids pads

    Hey. looking for some suggestions for skateboard helmets and pads. Also, do I need a knee, elbow, and wrist? I was thinking just the knee maybe the wrist as well. Cheers
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    windshield solution????

    thanks in advance for any help
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    windshield solution????

    Hello everyone. I decided today I would try making a windshield mod for my dl650. Here's what we did. I had an old faceshield from my now dead previous helmet. That is a topic for another come it is dead now....but I took one of those shields and held it up to the windshield near...
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    Been using a seat harness since 1999. Want to go a waist harness for foiling and light wind. I am 6 ft 5 and weigh 240 Pies. waist tightener Are there any Waist harnesses that don't ride up to your TITS??
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    Battery shipping

    I was wondering if anyone else has had an issue with nextgen lithium shipping or customer service? I had a legit warranty return and paid to send battery back, super frustrating after spending 1200 bucks. It was “approved” but they have not shipped the replacement? I have been working on this...
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    I'm thinking Photochromatic sunglasses?

    Hello! I am looking at getting my sister and brother-in-law some good sunglasses for flying, and wanted peoples opinion on what would be a good choice. Price isn’t a big issue. I know that I don’t want get polorized lenses, but otherwise I am not really sure what to look for. Thanks!
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    New flat pedal shoes. Any recommendations?

    Hey. was cruising around the world wide web and was searching for a new MTB flat pedal shoe. For two years I rode with shoes from Pearl Izumi and now I wanna try something different. The BOA System sucks hard, the sole grip is ok but could be better, and the stiffness is nice. What are you guys...
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    Apple Air Tag . . . How do I locate a swiped bike?

    I am going to be putting a double ladder stand up next season and I am thinking of hiding an Apple Airtag tracking device inside it just in case it grows legs and walks away. Battery life is supposed to be more than a year so lasting a hunting season should be no concern. Does anyone have...
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    Fats or Studs? which are best for winter riding?

    Hello. What is the best brand fat tire e bike for salt water beaches
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    E-bike visibility tip!

    I figured after the morning commute I had we could make a collection of ebike commuter tips.. This might already exist but I'm wondering if we could do a refresh. Tip #1 Always look where your turning. I'm not sure this is as much of a cycling tip as it is a motorcycle tip. When I was leading...
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    Portable Power Stations

    Hello, I’ve given it a go creating the portable power station. I’ve got 20x 21700 10amp batteries buck Converter 10s Bms from Amazon usb board 300w inverter could anyway give me a hand with a circuit diagram as whatever I’m doing is not working Many thanks.
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    Mobility Scooter Build Questions

    thanks in advance for any help
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    Mobility Scooter Build Questions

    Hello all. I am designing a lightweight, takedown mobility scooter. One question I have is on motor wattage. I am trying to keep the scooter weight to under 100 pounds and i weight about 250 pounds, so total weight would come in at about 350 to 400 pounds. I am planning for a very short...
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    Any recommendations for prescription mtb glasses ??

    Anyone know if it’s possible to get Oakley sunnies like Radar model or similar in prescription. I tried but they are limited in their range of prescription strength. My sph of +2.5 seems impossible. Any pointers welcome
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    Apple Watch?

    I’ve been riding a Trek and using the Cobi app on my iPhone to track rides and upload to Strava. I use a heart rate zones model and use my Apple Watch as my HRM. I watch HR, boost level, altitude and cadence as I cycle so I can modulate cadence, gears and boost to get the HR I want. In Strava I...
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    Review Apple Watch with Fall Detection

    I have a Series 6 and am constantly given messages asking if I have fallen when bumping my arm, which is fine. However, I fell off of a roof last month (nothing broken!) and it did not detect the fall. My mother has a Series 8 and fell twice yesterday and it did not detect the either of the...
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    Solar panel battery charging.

    Hello; Anybody have a solar battery charger they would recommend? Looking to charge when off the grid camping. Thanks
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    Power stations

    Hello. I am looking at various ones of these and need advice. size, Watts, what do I need. I dont want to power the house but basically a emergency back up 1. Run some small appliances maybe up to a small air conditioner 2. Charge from wall plug and maybe future solar panels 3. Run in parallel...
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    Are my coworkers genetic freaks or is Peloton power off?

    thank you so much for your suggestion