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    2019 Haibike frame cracked in half

    Can you transfer everything you have to a new frame? $2,500 would go a long way to offset that.
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    Alloy vs Carbon rims for eMTB

    Some things to consider. First, what what benefit(s) are you looking for in carbon vs. alloy wheels? If it's primarily weight; if so, what's percent weight of the wheel difference relative to the eMTB are you looking at? Second, if wheel damage is a consideration, remember many eMTBs utilize...
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    Moving from 2 bike setup (enduro + e-enduro) to single setup (light e-mtb)

    I'm 75 and in great shape. I purchased a Yamaha YDX during COVID. I live surrounded by mountains and thought it'd let me return to the steeps. Great plan, but I discovered 53lbs isn't my style of riding. On the flats I ended up riding it with the motor turned off, so why bother. The light...
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    50lbs vs 53lbs bike — will it be noticeable?

    I think it depends upon your riding. If you're racing, probably. If you're a recreational rider, maybe. But, is it worth the expense? I bought a 53lb great eMTB, but it felt like riding a truck. If I get another, it'll be a 30-some lb light weight eMTB.
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    Trying my best to decide on an eMTB

    For what it's worth, I'll share my brief eMTB bike experience. As an active 75yr old, I can foresee transitioning to an eMTB. In anticipation of this I purchased a Yamaha YDX Moro because of it's brand familiarity and excellent price. What I found out from riding it though, is although I live...
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    How often do you service your suspension?

    My current bike is a 2010 Santa Cruz Tallboy I bought new. I grease the rear suspension leak monthly. As for the shocks, I clean and lube the stanchions after every ride, but have never needed to service them internally. I check the pressures every couple of years or so.
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    Let’s talk crank arm lengths…

    MD, I'd have to agree with all your points. Surprising as it is, I believe mtb design still has a lot of development potential, and ergonomics is one of these areas as you describe.
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    I think you could find some old training wheels for the middle.
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    I'm thinking Photochromatic sunglasses?

    I now have worn these for 10 yrs or more and now have four pair of Tifosi Seek photochromatic sunglasses. They don't wear out. They are all I wear for eye protection. They're on sale now for under $50 at the link below...