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    Seriel Number 140 HPC TM

    Mine is down the back of the frame, hidden by the the suspension link, just above the motor cover. Difficult to read, and you may have to take the back wheel off. The App will only tell you the serial numbers from the motor, display etc, from memory
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    Just wondering what others have in the way of a Go Pro, or camera. Currently I have the Go Pro knock off the Qumox M10 Sjcam. It' been a good camera for many years, sits on the top of my helmet just fine, and points where I look. Quality is good, but recently it only lasts about 40 mins on 1...
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    Bosch ABS demonstrated on EMBN

    Agreed, but apparently this kind of reply is "allowed" on this forum unfortunately... sad days
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    Probably a Dumb Question

    Probably just me, but is then eBike flow app and your Bosch eBike connect the same. I can log into the flow app on my phone all is fine. The Bosch login on the computer works, but they are not connected in any way, the online "version" has no activities on it. I have the new 2022 Cube with...
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    Flow App Update

    I see there is a new Bosch Flow App update available, and a software update for the new Cube 2022 bikes. Just installed mine, no bother. Now comes with an "elock", where once activated, will stop the bike from assisting unless connected to your phone. Can still be ridden, just with no...
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    First problems with cube

    See here, slightly common problem, but easy to fix, relys on plastic tangs.
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    Just added my new Cube to our Nationwide House insurance...nowt extra. Fully covered at home and out riding, no extra cost. Wife's bike on it as well... no extra. Time to shop around. If you have a Nationwide account, give them a try, or whoever you bank with, and I don't pay a monthly...
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    Which size

    Medium I went for, 5ft 9 ...30 inch inside leg, still have room for adjustment up or down.
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    How accurate it the Kiox 300?

    I found my Kiox settings were all wrong it had my wheel circumference completely wrong. Check it's set correctly and hopefully it will sort itself. That said if you use different devices to record your rides, I bet no two will agree, at least I can't get mine to... I just leave my Garmin to...
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    Loose charging port

    Think I wold prefer to have an aluminium upgrade, the plastic is just not up to the job.
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    Loose charging port

    Same on my new Hybrid 140, second charge and it came out. :( I'm quite a distance from the shop I bought it from so had a wee look. See picture attached. It's essentially held in with 4 (poor quality) plastic tangs, which you can see from the picture are easy to pull past. I took the two...