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    Garmin Watch

    Venu 2 user (wife has the 2S for smaller wrists). It's a very good watch / health tracker and my only 'real' complaint is that Garmin have not released a eMTB mode for tracking. If I was buying now, either the Venu 3 or Epix.
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    Whyte 160 SMX or Specialized levo carbon

    You could have a brand new tyre supplier - 5IXXAM :)
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    Pic of the Day

    No pictures of bikes or riding but looking across to Keswick (it's in there somewhere) from Whinlatter Red North on Saturday. What a great day to be out !
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    Discounted Bike and parts Thread - cheap(er) ebikes & stuff

    Very tempted by the Radon 9.0 750 @ €3444 but they don't deliver to UK. I do have family in Ireland though ;)
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    E-Bikes ...pah ..Air Bikes are the future !

    Reminds me a bit of below - fascinating and fully expect to see these being used in the next couple of years. It took a while for drones to be used by Mountain Rescue but now they are a key piece of kit.
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    Waterproof jacket

    Seeing the get-up reminded me that I need to research the dirtlej onesie - came across someone wearing one on a local ride and he couldn't speak highly enough of them. Expensive but at the end of your ride, you remove and you're dry below...
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    What did you buy your ebike this week?

    A new / decent bike stand to replace my crappy Aldi middle aisle special. Super stable and rated to 40kg !
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    Buyer beware! What should you consider when buying second hand?

    I bought my Cube hybrid 2nd hand (from a member on here) and it was a pretty easy thing. Besides a good inspection, make sure you get to ride it (preferably, off road) and listen for creaks / rattles that aren't there unless you are putting it under strain. Enough already said on motors /...
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    What did you buy your ebike this week?

    Took an extended lunch break yesterday and swapped the units over (Cube Hybrid 160). Reasonably straightforward other than (1) actually locating the 6 bolts that mount the motor, (2) making sure the speed sensor & control cables weren't trapped / pinched when fixing the motor back and (3)...
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    What did you buy your ebike this week?

    A Kiox upgrade to my Bosch Purion display as (a) provides useful data on power used, (b) allows for simple navigation and (c) because my Purion is knacked and the display doesn't work ! I don't fancy being out for a ride not knowing how much battery is left !
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    Has your EMTB made you fitter, or kept you as fit, as your regular MTB?

    One of the reasons I went for an eMTB is age coupled with dodgy hips, meaning I was in pain after riding my analogue, irrespective of the distance. Now I'm riding longer / further and whilst I'm not using as much 'effort', I'm getting out riding which I haven't been able to do comfortably for...
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    What tyres? The Ultimate Tyre Thread

    Just changed both Michelin tyres for WTB Vigilante up front @ 25psi and WTB Trail Boss @ 22psi at the back and I must say that the difference is staggering. OK - the Michelins were worn and still had loads of tread, but in the soft / wet / mud of the Lakes over the weekend, I was seriously...
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    Pic of the Day

    Not sure - Dent is more of an 'area' than a place.
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    Pic of the Day

    Quick trip out yesterday with my son on his analogue Trek. This is our local hill/forest called Dent. The Cumbrian Fells looking lovely.
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    Advice on what to buy

    Err - increased import charges due to; Ukraine war (sorry, special military operation) Global shortage of cable end covers UK ban on import of 'foreign' tyres ...
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    Advice on what to buy

    Radon Render 9.0 750 - excellent value (IMHO). Only downside is that they ( won't ship to the UK, assuming due to increased import charges following Brexit. However, if you have a mate in Holland / France / Germany / etc., could be an option.
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    Lakes routes?

    I'd appreciate any GPXs especially around Keswick (I live near Whitehaven). Getting back into MTB and aiming / hoping to do 'proper' long rides once I get a bit of fitness back !
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    For Sale (PARTS) 2022 Bosch Kiox £130 plus postage: Driffield UK

    Hi - I'm thinking of upgrading from Purion to Kiox. (a) is this still for sale and if so, (b) is this the upgrade kit (with cables, etc) or just the controller & display. Thanks
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    When you pass 50 . . . You are an old fart, so let's see your ride!

    Not yet - I think you mean Scarth Gap (on the side of Haystacks). My son did it the other week on his gravel bike as a quick way back from Buttermere !
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    Bleeding Magura brakes - any advice

    Matter of ££ / $$ - I would have liked to upgrade completely but couldn't justify the extra spend at this time.