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    I got the GoPro Hero 8 Black in Summer 2021 because at that time it was the best one for the money. The 9 and 10 were already out but cost more and didn't seem to do much more, although that horizon lock thing might be a useful feature, can't remember if it's the 9 or 10 that has it. The 10...
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    Let’s talk crank arm lengths…

    Right but in general it's true that taller people have longer legs. It's not the "same argument" as waist size and leg length, because you're born with a set bone ratio that doesn't deviate much between all people, whereas your waist can change dramatically over the years... ask me how I know. 🤭
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    Waterproof winter gloves

    I gave up looking for them (mostly because the prices are ridiculous) and just wear marigolds under my gloves. I've had "Gore-Tex" gloves that just have the tops with Gore-Tex so they aren't even remotely waterproof. How are they going to make gloves waterproof when on any other clothing, they...
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    Let’s talk crank arm lengths…

    OP you have a great point about taller riders needing longer cranks but MTB cranks need to clear the ground and that's why they are typically 170mm or less, with road being 175mm (or more?) To accommodate longer cranks, the whole design of the frame would need to be changed so the BB shell is...
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    Chainreactions sale

    Yeah, if you know for a fact they never knocked on, just saying you have a camera (whether you do or don't) is a good one to use. I think that's happened with Royal Mail more than it has with Evri/Hermes to be fair, they automatically post a card saying you're not in, without knocking on. It's...
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    Chainreactions sale

    It depends who your local Evri delivery driver is. Ours is a hot chick that as far as I know, doesn't throw the parcels around, steal them and other dumb chit. They also arrive. There is no way I'd send something using Evri for anything worth more than £20, which is the amount of cover they...
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    Don’t believe it

    Santa only believes in DIY kits. 🤭
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    Bank Transfer Scam

    I blame the companies selling our phone numbers.
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    I upgraded to sintered pads. Are my rotors going to explode?

    Organic wear so fast they are pointless. Sintered all the way!
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    Tools tools tools

    Good Allen keys (Wera/Bondhus/Snap-On). Ritchey Torque Key (5Nm) is one I use a lot, the Phillips bit has been swapped out for a 6mm Allen.
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    And that was that...

    "Roll on next summer" bearing in mind we have had years where these isn't a summer at all.
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    Bike fixing and you

    Built from scratch. The annoying part is setting up the cables but then, I still have a front mech and have cable brakes. A lot now just have a rear shifter as far as cables go. I wouldn't have a clue how to setup/maintain hydraulic brakes.
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    The opinion of analog bikers is whack

    It's good for them, it makes them ride harder when they are a few hundred feet behind you... wondering why they can't catch up. 🤭
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    DMR V12 Pedals

    Wellgo LU 987U Pro's: - Cheap. Under £20 if you can find a pair in stock. - Bearings still good on mine after 1,500+ miles. Con's: - Thick. - Heavy. If I was going to swap them for something else (just to get something thinner) it would be the Saint pedals, but how big are the bearings in...
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    Grip shifter ……..thoughts?

    Was it stiff to twist it to lower gears? I've never tried one that isn't. If they were easier to shift with then I can see how they might be better than rapidfire. The cable fitting in the cheap ones I tried were a pain as well, it had a tiny screw you had to undo. What am I a jeweler? 🤭
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    Heart attack ride!

    I was nearly crapping myself just reading that. Can't they go about 30 MPH? Living in the UK I'm not likely to see one of them :)
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    Grip shifter ……..thoughts?

    I'm glad these things exist for one reason only - it means there's an Ergon GP1 Gripshift version and that's perfect to use with my left handed half-twist throttle. As for using Gripshift shifters, horrible the times I have used them, stiff shifting, blister inducing.
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    New Trek rail 5 keeps getting punctures

    Tannus Armour reduces from 15mm when new, down to about 5mm after a few months so, if you use those, don't assume you have 15mm of protection, you won't! I'm on the road only so I ended up putting the Tannus solid tyres on, but you can't do that on trails, they don't make a solid MTB tyre. I'm...
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    What action cameras are you all using

    GoPro Hero 8. The 7 doesn't have the near-perfect stabilization on it like the 8 does and the 9/10/11 or whatever it's up to, for me didn't do anything useful compared to the 8, while costing (in some cases a lot) more. I also put one of these water repelling things on it and while it...
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    Simplest GPS computer with turn by turn navigation and street names?

    How come all these GPS units have big colour screens and cost £200+? OP said he wants "the simplest" - what about the Sigma ROX 4.0? That's £70 at Halford's, it has street names, it does turn by turn navigation, battery lasts 25 hours and it's 75 x 45 x 18mm. I have no idea if GPX files can...