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    Sam2 motor/bash guard

    Looks good 👍
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    2021 Sam2 headset and cis

    Thanks man. I got a superstar headset. Just waiting on grommets. No stock in UK at all. Cheers for the tips. I'm still riding it but the noise is really winding me up now.
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    Volspeed v4 quirks on Bosch gen 4

    Hi all Had a go on a mates chipped ebike and the programming of the chip is a bit weird. 3 second hold to turn it on or off. But the trip display change is 2 seconds. Just trying to get it to show range and battery % while not switching the chip off was a right pain. Anyone else have the same...
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    Sam2/jam2 rubber cable port surround

    Good shout. Just ordered Superstar one. Getting the 2 cable guides is proving to be very tricky though. No stock in the uk
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    Sam2/jam2 rubber cable port surround

    OK. This is what is needed - KD325920029 x2 I don't see why I cant re-route cables, then just change the bearings in the headset. should be replacements without needing to replace the whole headset. Also, the cable bungs have a slot in so can be added later after all the routing has been done...
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    Sam2/jam2 rubber cable port surround

    Hi @scrubydoo I'm guessing you responded to my facebook post. Just curious as to why they needed to drop the motor? Thanks
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    2021 Sam2 headset and cis

    Ok, so 2021 Sam2 is 5 months old with less than 200 miles on and headset bearings are shot. Noisy and crunchy to turn bars. As I need to change I’m thinking I just delete the CIS and re-route cables out side of frame. Anyone done this? Where did you get frame cable grommets from? Any...
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    New update for the Bosch

    No. It’s just for workshop diagnostics and updates afaik. I’d be happy to learn if there was a hack, but I find the 4 modes bang on for my needs.
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    New update for the Bosch

    No Bluetooth link. Next update is introducing this, but it is not backwards compatible.
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    '21 Sam2 ?

    Not ridden a rail, but I’ve got a Sam2 6.8. It is awesome at everything I’ve thrown at it. The motor is amazing too. Main reason it was on my short list!
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    Kellys Theos F90 Arrived

    Me too. Dont like that at all.
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    2021 Sam2 6.8 Rear shock set up

    Started to get a bit more ambitious hitting bigger stuff, and on flatter landings was bottoming out. I've now fitted a gnar dog and 2 tokens in the shock and set it to 225 psi. Not quite as supple now but still happy enough, especially as I can slam off anything now and i'm not quite bottoming out.
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    Laylo, Bosch purion

    I prefer mine where it is easily usable, but I can see how this might appeal to some.
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    Show us your ouchies

    A couple of years ago I blew my C5 apart
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    Stilus Bosch Gen4 Bash Plate

    Looks good. I might try this. Thanks
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    Anyone else with a rail Carbon frame notice this..

    Hi guys. Are these plates on all Bosch motors, or just on the ones that go into the Trek frame? I need to take a look at mine when I get a mo. Good info on this thread though, so cheers. And hope those with issues can get back in the saddle soon 👍
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    If you BUY an EBIKE because you Need it, read this first.

    Really keen to see what self tapers your talking about. And where is the link to this other forum talking about this? Ta
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    SRAM Code R brakes - opinions

    I have both too. RSC for 4 years on my normal bike. R for 2 months now on ebike which is getting the most use. If I don’t look at them, they feel the same to me and bleed the same. Maybe I’ve been lucky, but in the 4 years we be had the RSCs other than change pads I’ve not touched them...
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    SRAM Code R brakes - opinions

    Err, that is a code on a pros bike, as you stated yourself. I have Code R’s and I follow video. Only difference is I have no bite point adjuster, and I pressurise calliper at and to give the bite I want. Im on a 26kg ebike and 95kgs and ride mainly, not trail. And I can lock the wheels...
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    SRAM Code R brakes - opinions

    What are these ‘lever to the bar’ comments? If it does it straight after a bleed, then you haven’t done it properly. I follow this. At the end I pressurise calliper to give desired bit point. Then the bite point has quite a short lever throw with no pad dragging, and they are strong as fcuk...