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    Stock vs. tuned bike pedal torque - question

    I have a Bosch active line plus motor and made the 'pedal mod', and the torque sensor seems to work differently or more dynamic. Not only more power. When in eco level and I press the pedals in the same relaxed (granma) way as in 'restricted Bosch 25 km/h mode', it doesn't go faster or deliver...
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    Volspeed 4

    How is the VOLspeed 'sensation' compared to stock Bosch even at lower speeds? I mean, I have the pedal-arm-mod installed, and it feels more natural than stock even at lower speeds. The motor output is much more rider input dependend. Lite touch on the pedals, less motor power, hard touch on the...
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    Limp mode question

    Are there more reasons than one, that can cause the Bosch active line plus motor to go into Limp mode? If so, what are some of the reasons? Are there only one kind of limp mode? Is there only one solution after 3 times of limp mode - going to a dealer? Atleast 2 times my bike have gone into limp...
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    Best way to clean sticky purion display?

    The two big buttons on my Bosch Purion display is getting sticky. Sometimes I want to go from eco to tour-mode and press one time, then it goes further up to sport-mode by itself. Manual says clean with water only, is that your experience as well or can it take some kind of cleaner or alcohol...
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    bosch performance cX 4 th generation. ERROR 503

    Hi, does that mean one could place the magnet too close? Just making sure I understand this correct.