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    Levo Gen 3 Turbo Levo Gen3 - loose headset by design - how to solve? A link and picture for reference
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    Levo Gen 3 Turbo Levo Gen3 - loose headset by design - how to solve?

    Looks like you're still using the headset spacers that come with the bike. They're carbon or some kind of composite. I was told they move around and are the cause for alot of the creaking noises. You can clearly see in your pic they aren't sat flush with each other. You could buy a 15mm spacer...
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    Any experience of these bike shops (Surrey/Hampshire)?

    So long as the ebikeshop don't feel pushy etc regarding the sale of a bike having given you that 1 on 1 I'd not be put off by booking an appointment. You not tempted by a speicalized? Berkshire will do a good price and fantastic aftersales.
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    Any experience of these bike shops (Surrey/Hampshire)?

    I'd give berkshire cycles a call, Not long bought my levo from them. Is about 45mins from me. But worth the drive for the price they could offer me and the level of service. They list cube as a brand they sell,.
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    Vitus E-Mythique LT with Bafang M510

    Any idea which build level you have?
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    Vitus E-Mythique LT with Bafang M510

    Equally as excited about this bike. Anymore information available regarding release date? Can see from Robs insta stories he's currently on one.
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    Vitus E-Mythique LT with Bafang M510

    When are you likely to have a video up?
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    Sold 2020 Vitus E sommet vrs Medium: 2000

    Bike / Product Year: 2020 Manufacturer: Vitus Model: E sommet vrs Size Medium Asking Price: 2000 Location Whitehill, Hampshire Description For sale is my 2020 vitus e sommet in size medium. Have thoroughly enjoyed this bike however my group of riders are all on analogues so I've gone back to...
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    TFTuned or SilverFish?

    Just recently had my fork and shock back from Tf tuned, admittedly not used anyone else previously. The service was brilliant! had a phone call from each guy when they'd got the fork and shock apart. Would use them again.
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    2020 esommet vrs fox 36 query

    Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it says 'ebike' id seen that but that doesn't make it clear if its just an ebike tune or actually an ebike fork with the thicker stanchions etc. It's exactly what led me to asking the question, if it hadn't said 'ebike' I'd of just assumed it was a normal 36...
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    2020 esommet vrs fox 36 query

    Does anyone know if the fox 36 fork on the 2020 e sommet vrs is ebike tuned or optimised? Looking to service it. Wondering if it's just a normal 36 with a tune or is it the beefed up variant with the 34 internals. Typing the 4 digit ID code into fox website states its a 29er with 150mm travel...
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    For Sale (BIKE) 2021 Shimano XT: £0.01p

    Is this the long cage variant? Xt m8100 rear derailleur?
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    Unanswered Replacement E8000 34T Chain Ring, where to buy ?

    Any 104bcd chain ring will fit. Have you considered going up to 36t helped keep me further up the cassette so you don't wear the smallest 2 out as quick.
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    2020 E-Sommet Headset/fork creaky cracking noise

    Google fox 36 csu creak. Also search the same on YouTube. You will find all your answers.
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    Hardtail with shimano motor?

    @R120 thankyou very much for all of your replies! Very much appreciated. Unfortunately the diamondback would be too big. Chain reaction had the e-sentier vr @ £2199 last week but no medium annoyingly. I'll keep my eye out for sales on all of the above as there's no rush at the moment.
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    Hardtail with shimano motor?

    It's for my partner so when out with her we would only be on leisurely bike rides no trails so to speak so definitely no need for any rear suspension. With a budget of around 2k that rules out full sus anyways.
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    Hardtail with shimano motor?

    Will take a look into that Thanks
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    Hardtail with shimano motor?

    Which hardtails use the shimano motor with the e8010 battery? I've got a vitus e-sommet and looking to get my partner a bike, makes sense to get one that uses the same battery. Only one I can find is the vitus e-sentier. Thanks in advance
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    Correct 36t chainring for e8000

    Do you find yourself further up the cassette on descents? That's what I'm hoping to achieve. This and STunlocker are the only 2 things I will have done to the bike so far... Thanks @Gary