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    Cannodale monterra neo 3

    mmm, This bike is not popular apparently
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    Cannodale monterra neo 3

    Does anyone have the Cannodale monterra neo 3 (750 Wh)? Are you happy with it? :) I'm thinking about buying this bike, but I can't find many reviews. The price is 5900€. Is it good value for money?
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    Badass box on Bosh smart system

    Does anyone have experience with the Badass box on the Bosh smart system? I have a bosh smart system with a spoke magnet. I would like to use the badass box. Will it generate errors or does it work just fine?
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    chip detectable after removing?

    Thanks for the reply. I was thinking the same thing, but I can't find any extra info about how 'smart' the Bosch Smart System really is.
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    chip detectable after removing?

    I'm concidering of chipping my emtb (Bosh motor). Is it possible that the manufacturer can detect there was a chip even after removing it? Are the logs of your rides stored on your bike? or how does it work? Is it possible to detect you were riding 35km/h a few weeks ago? Or is everything back...
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    Go faster without a chip

    I know the bike is limited to 25km/h. But is there any way to make the bike go faster without chipping it? Change wheel size? Change gears?, .... I know about the SPeedi device. But it is not available for my bike. It would be enough if i can go 28km/h. thanks
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    Less Range Bosch smart system !?

    On the official bosch site you can calculate the expected range of your emtb: I dit some simulations and came to the conclusion that the bosch smart system has less range than the other bosch systems (with the same battery) Is this correct...
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    What motor is easy to deristrict?

    What motor is easy to deristrict on a new emtb? I know there are solutions for every motor. But i am worried about the fact that the manufacturer software can detect redistriction. Bosh motors are probably the worst option. Is the Yamaha motor a good option? Any advise is welcome.