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    Levo Gen 3 DIY, Sprag bearing replacement?

    Belt looks good to the naked eye but black dust everywhere. Looks like the the inside of the motor cover got shaved away.
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    Levo Gen 3 BELT FAILURE

    It's not a warranty. If they want to warranty it they can have my motor back.
  3. J

    Levo Gen 3 BELT FAILURE

    Well, on the bright side Specialized offered 50% discount on a replacement motor for a non-warranty failure. Not sure if this is new policy or how long they will offer that, but that's what was offered for mine. Made it too cheap to pass up. I'll open up the old motor and see what the damage...
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    Levo Gen 2 Turbo Levo Advice - Problem Solved

    Does the upgrade have an improved sprag clutch bearing? I think I remember you saying these are being damaged due to crank arms hitting rocks rather than just moisture. My bike is rarely ever wet, but I do tend to smash my cranks into our rocky trails.
  5. J

    Levo Gen 3 DIY, Sprag bearing replacement?

    Has anyone ordered a pair of the sprag bearings and attempted to replace them? Mine are getting worse by the ride. Not sure if it's a DIY job. I might just order a new motor and then attempt the bearing replacement just to have a spare working motor. I can't get more than a year out of them...
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    Levo Gen 2 Turbo Levo Advice - Problem Solved

    This only works if they have motors in inventory. That is not always guaranteed, but it's still a large proactive expense.
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    Levo Gen 3 BELT FAILURE

    Rather than start another thread I'll jump in here. @Bearing Man, Any way to determine if it's a Sprague clutch vs. a belt without taking it apart? MY 22 Pro has been over running for a while now. It's motor #2 and my warranty expired in May. It threw a code for motor failure-Belt on Turbo...
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    The New Official BLEvo Thread

    Trying to figure out why the amount of power at any given setting changes depending upon which direction I enter it. For example. If I'm in Turbo, but then switch down to Trail or Eco settings, I will get noticeably more support in Trail and Eco than if I had started in off, or Eco and moved up...
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    Levo Gen 2 End of life for the Levo?

    I'm a dealer and Specialized wouldn't do anything for me when a customer needed a new motor for his 2.5 year old Levo SL with less than 200 miles on it. They were perpetually out of stock. Customer finally started calling Specialized every day for two weeks and trying to elevate the claim. One...
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    The New Official BLEvo Thread

    What's currently the best (inexpensive) android phone to use for bar mounting? Not mounting my iPhone.
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    Levo Gen 2 Levo Motor Noise and pulsing behaviour

    Warranties are definitely taking longer due to their new improved system. No more waiting for your warranty rep to reply (usually took a few hours). Now you submit the claim via computer and wait and wait and wait. Much better. But get it in for warranty anyway.
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    Other New Specialized 1.2 SL Custom Rx Trail Tuned Motor AS AN UPGRADE

    I don't doubt it. It did come from Specialized Warranty. I'm sure they have a script to follow.
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    Other New Specialized 1.2 SL Custom Rx Trail Tuned Motor AS AN UPGRADE

    I have a customer who has been waiting for months for a warranty SL motor. I was told there is no way to get the new motor to work on the prior model bikes.
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    Mission Control New Specialized app?

    I was hoping for a better Smart Control. More like Blevo, but it's not on the new app at all.
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    Are my coworkers genetic freaks or is Peloton power off?

    Your co-workers should go pro. They'd kick ass.
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    Levo Gen 2 Another creak tracked down to motor mounts

    I just went through this on a Levo with a coil shock. After checking every bolt on the bike, the creak was coming from the collar that tightens the coil spring. 1/4 turn and it's all silent. It's always the last place you check.
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    DIY sub-forums : Discussion/Ideas

    Never knew it existed until this thread.
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    SRAM Eagle T-Type Transmission Compatibility Thread

    Installed XO derailleur, XO cassette and XX chain on my Gen3 Turbo Levo Pro. Still running stock chainring due to lack of availability. Everything seems to work fine despite supposed incompatibility of chainring.
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    Mission Control - Smart Control

    I took the TCU2 off of my Gen3 so I could go back to using Blevo where the Smart Control actually works.
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    Quick coffee machine poll

    I must have read the same review. Bonnavita tastes great, but the cap is awful. Drips, more than pours into a cup.