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    Bosch LED Remote blink 5x Orange, goes off

    Unfortunately that never worked, Looks like will need to go to a dealer
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    Bosch LED Remote blink 5x Orange, goes off

    Is there any way around this issue without taking to bosch dealers?
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    What brakes rotor are you running?

    Was thinking the purple galfer pads?
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    What brakes rotor are you running?

    What pads do you go with? Did it help bite feel?
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    What brakes rotor are you running?

    Currently running stock sram G2 r brakes 200m rotors ,but hate the bite point been to close in and not best at stoping.Could someone help with advice to fix this? Was thinking replace with galfer discs & purple pads? Would this make a difference ?
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    New Mondraker Crafty R poor brakes

    Recently purchased a new crafty R , Every review i read about bike said the same about poor brakes.Have to agree! What is best solution ? New pads?Or completely new brakes?hope v4 , Shimano etc?
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    Mondraker crafty R brake issues

    Did you need to replace hoses aswell? Thanks
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    Mondraker crafty R brake issues

    Sram G2 R ,Never bleed brakes before? Is there any good videos showing process ?Presume need to buy tools to do job ? Thanks
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    Mondraker crafty R brake issues

    I have just purchased a new crafty R. The back brakes are very intermittent,At times there is no feel on back brake,You need to keep pumping it for a while to get a bit of feel in it? Even then it just starts bitting near enough when lever is fully in? Is there anyway of sorting this/adjusting...
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    Mondraker frame size

    Hi All Can anyone tell me what the lowest height the seat will go on a XL frame? I asked a shop but they came back saying 770mm from centre of crank to top of seat? Which seems very high for lowest position.
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    can anyone help tell me what the lowest seat hight is on a xl frame mondraker?
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    Potential bike sale

    No sorry , Am looking to sell also but just not sure where
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    Potential bike sale

    Hi,What facebook page do you use for selling?
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    Bosch or Shimano motor

    Hi All Looking to up grade my ebike, Is there any difference between the bosch & shimano batteries regarding the range they will travel ? And is there really any difference between the two brands that novice will even notice! Thanks
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    ktm macina lycan 771

    Anyone own or know anything about this model of bike - ktm macina lycan 771 looked about but very little info-maybe enough said 🤷‍♂️
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    Hello from Finland

    Any more info etc you can share about bike ?
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    EMTB Buying decisions

    Looking into a new bike with the bigger 750w battery, Ive narrowed bikes down to 3 possibility's Mondraker chaser 750 Mondraker chaser R Cube stereo hybrid 140/160 hpc sl 29 Can anyone advise on these bikes or have any other options? Thanks
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    Battery reset

    I have a error code 510, Looked everywhere how to re set battery? But cant seem to get it to re set. Any info appreciated
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    Sourcing a e bike

    might have a possibility of purchasing a cube reaction pro 625
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    Sourcing a e bike

    Hi All, Does anyone know any online sellers with stock, looking for a e bike in a M around £2600 but can’t source