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    Hi Im interested in the Canyon , what model do you have and what are you asking money wise...

    Hi Im interested in the Canyon , what model do you have and what are you asking money wise please ? Regards Alistair 07540890051
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    2024 Strive:ON

    Hi Im interested can you pm me if possible or send a contact number 👍
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    So whats the new EP801 like vs EP8 & Bosch ?

    Hearing conflicting reports on the new EP801 motors performance……has anyone ridden it back to back with the old EP8 or more Importantly against the Bosch ? Can it now hold a candle to the Bosch ? The rattle doesn’t bother me as much as the performance, my favourite bikes are Santa Cruz and Yeti...
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    Other Discounted Levo’s?

    For sure if you like a lesser power feeling it’s definitely smoother Bosch wins on reliability tho but for that price its an amazing bike
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    Other Discounted Levo’s?

    Swap that shitty fork and thats a mega bike for the money ! Motor not quite up to Bosch but close for sure
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    Derestricting bosch smart system

    Yes makes sense ! Probably best also to just ignore the updates if the bike and chip are running fine
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    Derestricting bosch smart system

    Good to hear ! Is that the Bosh 750 smart ? When you say switched off can you explain ?
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    Derestricting bosch smart system

    Thats a real shame. So far i can only see at best a handful of people for who the speedbox has worked for more than 100 or so kilometres……. Keeps us posted on peartune 👍
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    Ep8 re-flash Race Mode …

    Has anyone tried the reflash on an ep8 and used the Race mode option where you can change the torque curve as well as lift the speed limiter ?
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    When derestricted which motor is best …🤷‍♀️

    So when fully derestricted which of the latest 2022 onwards motors is best ? When restricted i love the Power of the Bosh but i want to raise the speed limit and from what i have seen Bosh Smart System is probably the trickiest and the one to cause an issue….. Anyone ridden Ep8 vs Brose 2.2...
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    Stereo Hybrid 140 vs 160 …. Are Cube any good ?

    Thanks ! Im still torn between the 140 vs 160 but 160 definitely seems to be the more popular opinion ….
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    Comment by 'Motohawk75' in article 'Ibis Oso Launched - Bosch Powered EMTB'

    I absolutely love the look of this bike ! Can you not clean the cockpit up possibly by using some shrink wrap on the cables ? I have recently sold my Yeti e160 as or tho i loved the bike i hated the motor, this bike has on paper what i want …… size wise im 6’1 so sounds like the large would be...
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    Stereo Hybrid 140 vs 160 …. Are Cube any good ?

    Thanks for the input, genuinely there so well specked for the money and unlike so many brands these days the AT paint job is nice, my only other dilemma is 140 vs 160 …. 38’s v 36’s ….. all my other bikes have been mullet or full 29 but I prefer the travel on the 160 and have loved the fox 38’s...
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    Stereo Hybrid 140 vs 160 …. Are Cube any good ?

    140 or 160 ? Action Team ?
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    Stereo Hybrid 140 vs 160 …. Are Cube any good ?

    Hi Looking at getting a new Cube Stereo Hybrid Action Team or SLT ….. Are these bikes actually any good ? I have read a few things regarding quality etc that have me slightly concerned but bang for buck in the sales at the mo i can get a Action Team for £5500 which seems mega value for the...
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    Derestricting bosch smart system

    Anyone have any further luck on derestricting the bosh smart system ? Im sure there must be plenty of people out there that have but no one ever admits it as if there scared to 😂🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
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    Volspeed 4

    I have the new Bosh 750 smart system on my Rail , will this work on there ?
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    22 Trance X Advanced E+0 good all rounder ?

    Anyone own / ridden the new 22 Advanced e+0 ? Love the spec and weight 140-150 , currently on a 22 Rail 9.8xt. Ride a mixture of forest trail, and a few bike parks but nothing to Gnarly just a bit of Enduro when i feel up for it …..
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    2023 Whyte e160rsx.

    I doubt that CRF is much quicker tho ….😂
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    1.8inch fork steerer…. Anyway of getting back to 1.5inch ? [Edit - Yes!]

    Might be worth asking @Rob Rides EMTB as im Pretty sure he used the Acros on his new Rail / Fox 38’s with no problem……👍