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    after market ebike motors

    The difficult part here is if you fuck it up the motor is a write off. Not to mention Shimano won't help for shit and will just demand you buy a new motor. How does Bosch implement the 25kmph limit? Is it firmware based with different firmware for EU / NA? Is it just a matter of dumping the NA...
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    DH World Cup thread

    Just looking at the eurosport TV schedule I don't see the Mens or Womens elite DH final live up there. Only Fridays XC short track along with some replays. "Free highlights of all broadcast races will also be available on GCN+ (account needed but no...
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    2021 e sommet head set bearings

    Does anyone have the bearing / headset sizes for the e-sommet 2021? I saw this headset on CRC, but the fork is tapered 1.8"? But the headset information seems to suggest its 1.5". Acros AZX-589 Sealed bearings, ZS56/28.6 –...
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    Levo Gen 2 Help with riding 2020 Turbo Levo in -20C. Collapsed RockShox Deluxe Select+

    Is it possible it was so cold the metal shrunk allowing a small bit of air to be slowly leaking out? -18c will only account for so much in air pressure drop, this is something else.
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    Bought my first E-bike! SCOTT Ransom 910 eRIDE

    pretty sure all motors rattle, some a bit louder than others.
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    Bought my first E-bike! SCOTT Ransom 910 eRIDE

    Very nice, it looks to be specced quite well. Higher level components where I'd personally want them. Wouldn't mind trying a Bosch system out. What did that cost you? Would consider one for my next bike.
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    Bomber CR on an E-Sommet 297?

    Thanks, I figured it out. The lower shock mounting hardware and bushing are 8x30 for the Vitus Esommet 2021. This is what I bought in the end:
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    E-Sommet 297, my thoughts 7 months in...

    I also have a vitus e-sommet. Higher speced VRS. I'd agree with the thoughts it hates flatter trails. It just doesn't work on them it needs steeper stuff. It can somewhat struggle on tighter turns, particularly steep switchbacks. But when it comes to charging through straight techy stuff it just...
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    Bomber CR on an E-Sommet 297?

    Can anyone confirm for me if this is all I need for a new shock to mount to the 2021 E-sommet?
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    Excited to Join

    Don't be, you only hear about the motors with issues. And most of it seems to come from water damage which shouldn't be too much of an issue in Florida. also Welcome.
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    Comment by 'MadTurnip' in article 'WHEN should you stop pedalling to not DESTROY your motor ?'

    Great write up. Its good to see it all in one place. After reading your comments over the past couple years I've started to be very careful with water ingress and after nearly 2 years I've not had a single problem with my motor. If I'm not mistaken, you don't service Shimano motors anymore...
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    ZEB settings on your Rail

    My 2021 Zeb had quite a bit of air leakage in the lower leg of the air spring leg. A quick burp once I realized the issue and the issue was gone never occurred again.
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    e8000 Beeping then cutting out on steep tech climbs in Boost

    The e8000 does throw an error if it overheats. If you are towing someone or are a heavy rider on sustained long steep climbs in boost and its putting out peak power. This seems to occur more often if you have a speedbox fitted. I observed all of this on a friends bike.
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    Pressure Washer ... is 25 bar too high?

    Theres a video in the amazon review. Personally if its an ebike I wouldn't use it. If its a normal bike I'd chance it standing back and being careful around bearings and seals. Its way too high pressure though. Personally I use one of these, its 130 psi and decent enough for the money...
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    Cube reaction pro dropper post

    Seat tube length is 405mm on the size small according to: 27.2mm is the seat post diameter. So you should be able to fit this 105mm dropper...
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    2021 E-Sommet Now In Stock

    I've been looking around for 118 link 12 speed chains and can't seem to find any sellers of them other than aliexpress or chinese sellers. My chain breaker can't seem to remove a link from my 12 speed chain. How have others managed here? I'm guessing bike shops may be able to request these from...
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    Choosing my first e-bike from these 3....

    No I manage fine. Some really tricky tight corners get me about once every 1-2 months (corners I see others struggle with in videos on a standard mtb). If anything my friends compliment my fast confident techy riding. Some of which I attribute to the bikes characteristics but thats just my...
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    Choosing my first e-bike from these 3....

    I've got a 2021 Vitus E-Sommet VRS, its great, but it is indeed a plough. Maybe thats just because I'm a light rider at ~67kg, so the bike is nearly half my weight. Likely less of an issue if you are a heavier rider. The bike as a result does eat up steep rough terrain. My options were limited...
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    Rise H30 brake upgrade?

    What bike have you got there is several models of H30, Occam, Rise etc. If its the rise and its using SHIMANO BR-MT410 they can be a bit less powerful but my older trail bike had them with 180mm rotors and they were adequate single finger braking. If you haven't already, give your rotors a good...
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    2021 E-Sommet Now In Stock

    Does anyone know the chain length for the 2021 Vitus Esommets? Specially the VRS in my case. Its not 126 thats for sure, closer to 119 but maybe a few less.