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    Levo Gen 3 Official Specialized Gen 3 2022 Levo Megathread!

    22 Levo Firmware question. Mission control is telling me there is a firmware update that is a shop install. It won’t tell me what my current version is or what the updated version is. I have no idea how long this firmware has been out. I usually use BLEvo. I did get the updated battery firmware...
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    Levo Gen 3 New brakes... What does everyone run?

    I’m running MT5s with the individual pads like MT7 and TRP 2.3mm rotors. The thicker rotor moves the bite point out a bit and really improved the engagement point feel.
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    NewBee from WA State USA

    Welcome to the fold. Where in WA are you located? So many riding options abound. Brian Lynnwood, Wa.
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    The New Official BLEvo Thread

    What’s the current state of Apple Watch functionality? I know there have be e been issues in the past. My Ant+ wrist hrm is intermittently giving low readings multiple time per ride and maybe it’s done for. Sadly there are not a lot of ANT+ options anymore that can also tell time. Thinking a...
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    Levo Gen 3 165mm travel shock for gen3 levo?

    Keep in mind the Fox coils have had issues with yoke bikes and Fox has stated several time there will be no warranty support is used on a Levo. The problem could be made worse with a longer stroke shock. Personally I’d be going with one of the new super delux coils with the hydraulic bottom...
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    Hope rotors and Magura MT7’s

    I’m running these too. They work great, the thicker rotor improves lever feel with a slightly earlier bite on my mt5s.
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    Levo Gen 3 Battery stuck alloy frame

    Yep did that.
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    Levo Gen 3 Battery stuck alloy frame

    I went to remove my battery for the first time today so it could charge while I tinker on the bike. I can’t get the battery all the way out. Something seems to be catching the top end of the battery as it gets to the bottle cage area. I removed the cage bolts no change. Before I take the brute...
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    Levo Gen 3 Suspension and Coil shocks for Gen 3 - Fox 38 vs Zeb

    Maybe but I have a feeling it is a market preference and cost/profit decision. Air is easy and infinitely adjustable to a wide spectrum of riders vs stocking 8 spring rates and explaining to customers they they need to pay for (an extremely over inflated) new spring that still might not be the...
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    Levo Gen 3 Suspension and Coil shocks for Gen 3 - Fox 38 vs Zeb

    An air spring by nature is progressive and a coil is linear. Linkage design can help with progression. I’m a heavy lad as well 118kg and I much prefer the over all feel of a coil setup and near complete lack of required maintenance. With their linear nature you get more early and mid travel...
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    Levo Gen 3 Levo Comp Alloy Rear Fender Suggestions

    if you are looking for a real fender for wet season riding I'm supper happy with my mud huggers. You can order them in the US here. Mudhugger USA
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    Full suspension XXL bike for a 6'7" Rider - I want a Santa Cruz Heckler 29" but they're 10+ weeks out..

    I'm about the same size as you. 6-6 115kg. I ride an S6 Levo Alloy Comp and it is the best fitting bike I've owned, but I'm running at 60mm rise bar. I for my size I don't trust carbon. I've broken 3 frames in my live and 2 of the 3 were caught early enough to prevent catastrophic failure. While...
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    Mission Control Mission Control App Requires Cell Data Signal

    Have you tried BLEvo? Might be a solution it’s very stable for me.
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    Levo Gen 3 2022 Levo Comp alloy

    🤦‍♂️ Customize! Can be based on heart rate, rider power output or both as well as other tweaks. Check it out.
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    Levo Gen 3 2022 Levo Comp alloy

    Keep in mind the mastermind dies not work with BLEVO which is an awesome piece of software that can compromise your ride experience in real time.
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    The Current State of eMTB Trail Access in the USA

    This poster alone should cause a ruckus. The wording "Do the legwork" implies an elitist and discriminatory attitude that ebike riders are simply lazy and incapable. Not to mention that they are using class 2 bikes to represent everything.
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    Levo Gen 3 Official Specialized Gen 3 2022 Levo Megathread!

    sorry unless its the same size it's sort of pointless isn't it.
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    Levo Gen 3 Sticking Manic Dropper?

    Just found my problem. Post is bent. 98.75 miles into ownership.
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    Levo Gen 3 Suspension and Coil shocks for Gen 3 - Fox 38 vs Zeb

    Has anyone found a place to purchase extra shock hardware for the yoke side? It measures m6x13.8 Thanks