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    Garmin Watch

    Garmin Instinct solar, occasionally when i'm not out side getting rays I have to charge it once a week for an hour or so but it's great for our climate here in Oz. The solar might not do much in some places that people on this forum inhabit as it always seems to be wet and overcast looking at...
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    Buying an EMTB for the wife

    I bought my wife a cheap hardtail ebike to ride after many years of not riding, she hated it and after a few rides refused to ride it any more. As I had a Focus Jam2 I talked her into having a ride on it and that changed things totally so we purchased a small Focus Thron2 6.8 as the 6.8 comes...
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    Rotor wear

    I don't think that Shimano specify any particular rotor's, pads or disks for emtb's, if you have a look at new emtb's and ebikes in general there is a wide variety of brakes fitted as standard. Personally I think that heavy emtb's and heavy riders need the best brakes possible. I've seen lots of...
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    Rotor wear

    Be very careful running pads and rotors below minimum recommended thicknesses. I've had to pull several calipers apart on other riders bikes to repair or replace chipped and broken pistons caused by running either pads or rotors below minimum thickness. The higher end calipers run ceramic...
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    Shimano SM-PCE02 PC - MANCHESTER

    Can you activate it with some of the aftermarket apps? I activated mine on an E8000 using the Emax mobile app on my phone.
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    Phone mounts... Quadlock, SP Connect, SKS Compit...

    We've been using Quadlock mounts for about 4 years on three different bikes, total mileage is way in excess of 15,000km, about half on singletrack and downhill, the rest cross country touring on back roads and firetrails. Four different phones between my wife and myself, a Sony, two Pixels and...
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    Bosch Kiox handlebar mount

    It does appear to have removeable inserts to enable fitting to larger bars, but doesn't appear to have the hole for the 3mm screw to fasten the Kiox to the bracket like the genuine mount. I don't fasten my Kiox in but rather fit a lanyard through the provided hole in the kiox case at the bottom...
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    About to pop my ebike cherry

    I've had a 2018 Focus Jam2 carbon frame with the E8000 since December 2019 which was an ex demo bike so had 500kms on it when I puchased it. It now has just under 9,500km on it and the motor is still going strong. I also have a Focus Thron2 with a Bosch CX Performance which is well on the way...
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    Shimano Di2 question

    This is the ebay seller I bought my little springs for the Di2 shifter from If they don't have the correct size for the derailleur just do a search for the size you want in ebay or google.
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    Freehub body

    An ebike or hard ridden acoustic will require a steel freehub body as the load and torque won't take long to destroy an alloy one. I had a similar problem with my Focus Jam2 when the freehub collapsed due to the Novatec hub using loose balls running on the inside of the hub which eventually wore...
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    Anyone using shimano di2 mech?

    As I found when the little spring in the Di2 shifter broke Shimano's reply on trying to buy a replacement spring was "buy a new shifter, no individual parts available" once you have the measurements you should be able to get a suitable replacement on ebay.
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    Shimano Di2 question

    I had something similar when the end of the little spring in the shifter snapped off, it would do the weirdest gear changes and then be fine for a while or the next bump and then it would play up again. I carefully disassembled the shifter and bent the remaining end of the spring to form a hook...
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    Volspeed v4 quirks on Bosch gen 4

    As a matter of interest you can get your LBS to turn off the light facility completely if your bike isn't fitted with lights that run off the battery. This stops the bikes software from reserving I think it's 4-5% of the battery capacity for the non existant lights which might mean the...
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    E8000 di2 compatibility….

    I fitted di2 to my 2019 Jam with 11 speed, very easy with the E8000 but you have to change the software from manual to electronic shifting. I've just recently fitted Di2 to my Bosch powered Focus Thron and it was much more involved as it doesn't work with the bosch electrics. It needed a...
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    Jam2 issue (2019 Shimano)

    My 2019 Jam2 is now on its 3rd battery, all replaced under warranty fortunately. The first one lasted 1500kms and then as above wouldn't turn, charger just showed a couple of green blinks and then a red led. As the bike was relatively new at the time it was replaced by the LBS. When the second...
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    Are carbon all mountain frames up to ebike use

    2019 Focus Jam2 Plus C just over 9,000km carting this 69 y/o 100kg fat bastard around, very high percentage of rough singletrack and downhill in that 9k and it's still as good as new.
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    When you pass 50 . . . You are an old fart, so let's see your ride!

    69 years old 2019 Focus Jam2 Plus C (Carbon) Bike has now done 9,000km Dungog NSW Australia
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    To go tubeless.?

    Personally I've never liked tubeless because of the mess so when I came across Joe's tubes already filled with long life sealant that you don't have to top up I fitted them to my Focus Jam2 C with 27.5 Maxxis Rekon Plus. They've now been fitted for several years, nearly 9,000km and through...
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    EW-EN100 (Junction A)

    Yes it works it is just a dumb four way connector, no electronics etc in it. It is used just to connect up to four cables. I have used it to connect the derailleur to the display on the handlebars, I didn't really need to, I could have run one cable all the way from the display to the...
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    EW-EN100 (Junction A)

    There is a junction box for the sd50 connectors, it's a JC41E, has four connections, it's tiny , appoximately 12mm wide, 6mm thick and sbout 25mm long, it's buried in the frame so a bit hard to measure exactly.