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    E-Sommet VRS vs E Mythique VRX

    This may seem a basic or silly question to some, but i am not a EMTB aficionado and don't swap out many parts on my bike - so any opinions on this would be gratefully received . Going to buy a new one and very sold on Vitus e-mythique but the sommet is discounted on chain reaction at the moment...
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    Rear mudguard that works - IMHO

    Thanks for this - giving the Zefal a go as i am fed up with a wet arse, and was just looking to buy one. If we listened to all the 'rules' about MTBs (mudguard snobs in this case) none of us would ever have bought EMTBs as those were not allowed ;) I value dry trousers over image :D
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    Anyone tried Eddy Current tyres ?

    Not an expert as i have only had them on 2019 Levo for a month now. 29 x 2.6 front and rear and and went tubeless. Its been icy and snowy and sloppy where it isn't icy round by me this month, and they have been the level above next level from the Butchers i had on before. I've been going up and...
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    Levo Gen 2 How many Levo motors have you had?

    in 11 months i am now on my 3rd
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    Levo Gen 2 Powers itself without peddling?

    Thats exactly how it felt - overun that didnt stop ! :) Fun for a bit then realised it was probably serious :( Pedals are stiff going backwards the same as when the motor went pop also Thanks !
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    Levo Gen 2 Powers itself without peddling?

    Hi all I have another problem and its weird, so wondered if anyone had come across this at all ? I have just had a new motor that's done 65 miles now (replaced after 650 miles). I also had to have the power lead replaced just after. Just went out on a ride and i could not stop the bike...
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    How not to wash an ebike by muc off

    got a muc off and you can put your hand in front of it when on (try that in front of a karcher) so if it is able to blow the grease out of bearings as many people think the bearings are shit. obviously you dont blow it into the electrical bits and bearings directly but its fine otherwise. just...
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    Kids Emtb 20-24"

    I bought one of these and pull my kid up (dont use usual bungee cables like i saw one guys doing.......if they snapped !!!!!) The Bungee tow whee one is great and covered if it did break (its more elastic than a bungee cable and works really well)...
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    Levo Gen 2 Not heard this one before.

    I've just had exactly this with my bike - This was on a replacement motor that has been out once and the bike would not start up second time. I am just waiting for a new harness to be sent so i can fit it as i am certain this is the issue. The connector boot that attached the Battery to the...
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    Levo Gen 2 Collecting all the known issues

    I need to moan about my Levo 2019 ........................ sorry Got the bike back after 4 weeks waiting for a Motor going pop. Rode it once. Got all kitted up to go out last night for ride 2 and the bike wouldn't power up Had a look and the battery / Motor cable has the well known problem...
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    Levo Gen 2 Levo Maintenance Questions

    Hi Everyone New motor is back in the bike and just had some new brakes fitted, so now i have go and stop! (Yay!) Couple of questions if you would be so kind to help. 1. I know it may be a 'depends' answer, but how long does a standard chain-set last on a 2019 levo? Think the chain is...
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    Levo Gen 2 Motor replacement lead times

    @Specialized Rider Care I was hoping you could help with the above? Looks like there are two of us waiting nearly 3 weeks in my case and 4 in @imartins case? Anything you could do to help would be gratefully received as I am without a bike at the moment. Thank you :)
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    Hi From the foot of the Peaks in Sheffield :)

    Just saying Hi. Can be sometimes seen looking terrified, hammering down hills in the peaks I have no right coming down with my level of skill :D
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    Levo Gen 2 Motor replacement lead times

    Hi All New to the forum :) been lurking for a while though !! I have a 2019 Levo and the motor gave up 3 weeks ago after 600 miles. Its been with the bike shop (a chain i am afraid) for two weeks. They say that they are waiting for the motor from specialized. It's a warranty claim, but does...