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  1. Ian986

    Painting calipers - top idea, or stupidest idea in the history of biking?

    I would powder coat them as more restisant to chips hence why when the car guys change colour of their callipers the get powder coated but will have to be completely stripped down and for finishing touch get some stickers made then you lacquer over them and won’t come off then Good luck
  2. Ian986

    Sram upgrade

    Have a look on you tube lots of reviews
  3. Ian986

    Sram upgrade

    Yes go for a GX AXS better deals seem to come up on then and same inside the X01 is just lighter maybe different bearing but you can upgrade them when the first set wear out
  4. Ian986

    Thule Easyfold XT 2 lights

    Make sure you twist it in all the way as I had a similar issue when I bought mine just pushed in and did not twist enough
  5. Ian986

    Kellys Theos F90 - Tested (Video)

    I like this bike a lot, but shame the put a shimano motor in it
  6. Ian986

    2022 Motors Compared (Video)

    I appreciate it is quite difficult to do an exact comparison but for me there was to many variables. The giant bike would have almost be locked out suspension, so would have made more than a second difference easily. I have never rode a giant bike so could not say 100% I have only rode the...
  7. Ian986

    Bosch CX vs EP8 - real world differences?

    I have Bosch motor in my bike and my partners bike has ep8. The bosch feels much more powerful, and power is instant on the Bosch where I find the EP8 needs more cadence to get best out of it. The EP8 feels more natural and is easier to wheelie, but the Bosch feels much more powerful. On the...
  8. Ian986

    First ride out on a emtb.. have a big problem

    I alway ride in turbo ! when my bike was in the shop and printed this out report which I found quite interesting! My bike had down 680 miles most of which was in turbo no shock there , but what surprised me was 276 without assistance. The only time I have rode without motor on ,is...
  9. Ian986

    Just a poll to see how many people Kiox are falling off

    Thanks all for all your replies and insight. I have just dropped my bike at the LBS and I have opted for it to be screwed in place. I have managed with my Purion display been bolted to the handle bars. I did want to use the lock feature when removed from bike bust seem like a few people have...
  10. Ian986

    Just a poll to see how many people Kiox are falling off

    Hi all , I have ordered a Kiox Retro fit kit , as an upgrade from the standard Purion I have read a few posts on here, where there Kiox has come detached from the bike. I wondered as Kiox is fitted to a lot of bikes as standard how many people have had this issue. Maybe the people are...
  11. Ian986

    Best £2 I've spent

    What the screw that goes underneath did not stop it coming off?
  12. Ian986

    Bosch Kiox fixings

    Damm: I am getting a kiox fitted next week and I was not aware that this was an issue of them falling off. The shop said that I should screw it on, but one of the benefits of having this was the immobilisation of the bike when not on the bike. I thought it might fall off if you are...
  13. Ian986

    What size grommet will I need to fill hole where cables go

    Thanks for the heads up on this! Had it on Amazon. Ordered last night should arrive today 😀 I know what I am doing tonight lol
  14. Ian986

    What size grommet will I need to fill hole where cables go

    Hi All, I have gone done the AXS route for gears and dropper, so have a few holes where cables went. I wondered if anyone has put grommets in so frame and swing arm, so they don’t fill up with water. If you have what size did you get and where did you get them from. Thanks
  15. Ian986

    Match Maker X

    Thanks for the advise
  16. Ian986

    Match Maker X

    Thanks for the reply‘s I found the mmx bracket online at £30 each side. But I am thinking of upgrading my brakes to and wondered if any brakes came with MMX as standard all the web sites see to say Is they are comparable. I might get some code RSC brakes. Thanks again
  17. Ian986

    Match Maker X

    Hi All, I need a bit of advise on how the match maker thing works. I am upgrading rear mech to GX AXS and will probably get an dropper post AXS too soon. It Would be really nice to tidy up the cockpit a bit do any brakes come with match maker clamps? Or is it you have to buy the match maker...
  18. Ian986

    What did you buy your ebike this week?

    I bought an GX AXS upgrade kit and a set of hope fortis 30 which I am awaiting delivery of both.
  19. Ian986

    100% brisker cold weather gloves review

    I wore my brisket’s today and I was fine
  20. Ian986

    Hindhead.... I've never been...are any trails open?

    Hi I live 5 miles from there some are open. I have only found a few pretty short , but I find peas lake and Swinley forest better. But if anyone lets me know where to look happily try them out