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  1. cp_erider

    Trance X E+ Question

    I changed out my headset on my Trance X E+ 0 after a pretty significant mishap. I was also surprised that the lower bearing is a bit if an interference fit. That’s with an entirely new set - cups, bearings, the works. Don’t worry about it. Seems like standard issue for these (very) large...
  2. cp_erider

    So.... this happened (ceramic piston breakdown)...

    Hey those look handy for mtn brakes! Thanks for looking that up and posting 😊😊.
  3. cp_erider

    So.... this happened (ceramic piston breakdown)...

    Good call .. I already discovered fragments in the fluid transfer channels .. I need to take it all apart and use compressed air to clear everything. I actually found fragments from on crushed piston in the chamber behind the piston next to it. Thanks.
  4. cp_erider

    So.... this happened (ceramic piston breakdown)...

    I’ll take your endorsement on those and rebuild this caliper as a spare. Thanks!
  5. cp_erider

    So.... this happened (ceramic piston breakdown)...

    all proper thoughts ... I have a proper tool for pressing pads all the way back and don't use anything directly on the ceramic pistons. This caliper worked perfectly for about 9 months until I burned the pads on a long downhill and they faded. The brake then howled every time I touched it...
  6. cp_erider

    So.... this happened (ceramic piston breakdown)...

    What angers me the most about this is that the Chinese can produce a ceramic spare (with dubious credibility) while Shimano tells me to pound sand. The most expensive part of the system is bricked for the cost of a $10 piston. grrr.
  7. cp_erider

    So.... this happened (ceramic piston breakdown)...

    So I was at Hawes 2 weeks ago (some of the best biking in Az) on Red Mountain Rush .. a fairly long downhill but not something I havent done a zillion times on my "acoustic" bike with XT brakes and sintered pads. I happened to be on my Giant 2022 Giant Trance X E+ Pro 0 (with Live Valve :) and...
  8. cp_erider

    SRAM GX vs Shimano XT

    I've got 30 years on mtb's, some competitive. I loved the Eagle drive train when it came out but I did find it overly sensitive to minor cable stretch and basic shift tuning. But when it's "on", it shifts way fast, IMHO. At this point I have gone back to all Shimano simply because it tunes...
  9. cp_erider

    What stupid thing did you do with your bike this week?

    Wow… SLX is pretry solid tech. That must have been a serious stick! Sorry to see such carnage! I’ve been watching a company for a long time that makes an internally geared 14 speed hub (Rohloff). It’s stupid expensive but amazing tech. they even have an e bike version now but lack the...
  10. cp_erider

    What stupid thing did you do with your bike this week?

    I have a Parkinson’s-like disease that causes a rare lapse in awareness. i have been biking for 35 years and when I get on my bike it’s like I’m the old me. I had a glorious ride full of grinding uphill singletrack, fast flowing downhill and even cleaned a chunky downhill that has scared me...
  11. cp_erider

    Trance X Advanced E+ Limited?

    I stand corrected .. not sure where I got the wrong info .. but it's great for me because I have the 0 and now realize I have the higher assist spec :). Thx ...
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    RideControl Go frame mount controller
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    Live Valve "brain"
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    right side
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    Live Valve
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    Left side