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  1. HGmtb

    Sore Shoulders

    Some previous discussion about this, but mostly about grips, bar angle, fork setup, tyre pressure etc - but none of it explains why it happens more on eMTB's. My theory is that because you don't put as much force downwards into the pedals when riding eBikes compared to analogue bikes, the...
  2. HGmtb

    New Pinion integrated gearbox and motor (MGU)

    I agree - the belt tensioner needs to be far better resolved for eMTB's.
  3. HGmtb

    Is the beginning of the end of mechanical de-restrictors ?

    My sentiments exactly
  4. HGmtb

    Is the beginning of the end of mechanical de-restrictors ?

    Possibly it is because with one magnet, it registers movement every 2 metres or so (i.e., wheel circumference), so when you are going very slowly the bike thinks you are actually stationary, and so cuts out the power - and 3 magnets will register movement every 0.7 metres approximately. Not...
  5. HGmtb

    Is the beginning of the end of mechanical de-restrictors ?

    Interesting that the new Rocky Mountain has more than one magnet though - I assume it is because of smoother starting, as you suggest.
  6. HGmtb

    Is the beginning of the end of mechanical de-restrictors ?

    . . . or maybe not - 3 "Planets" equally spaced should work.
  7. HGmtb

    Is the beginning of the end of mechanical de-restrictors ?

    3 Magnets - makes the sun/planet de-restrictor mechanism trickier to design
  8. HGmtb

    Is this the future of EMTBs ?

    The combined motor / gearbox is the groundbreaking part of the bike - the chainline is not important.
  9. HGmtb

    Is this the future of EMTBs ?

    It didn't get much publicity at Eurobike, but this could be groundbreaking:
  10. HGmtb

    Pin hole in wheel ?

    It's there to drain water out.
  11. HGmtb

    Crank length - 165 v 155

    If you currently get a lot of pedal strikes, change to 155 mm - the only difference you'll notice is that you will get far fewer pedal strikes.
  12. HGmtb

    Rear wheel play?

    Maybe it is just the brake pads moving back and forward in the calipers - 10 mm of bike movement is probably less than 2 mm movement of the brake pads. The pads can't be a tight fit in the calipers, otherwise they could jam on, and anyway even if they are a bit loose, it doesn't affect the...
  13. HGmtb

    E bike haters..

    This is what I'm talking about:
  14. HGmtb

    New/ Fixed 2021 Brose or New Shimano EP8?

    My car sits outside in the rain / cold / heat / or whatever, and never never doesn't start. But cars weren't always so reliable - back in the 60's getting water in the electrics could be quite problematic (and even more so with motorbikes), so perhaps that's where eMTBs are at in their...
  15. HGmtb

    Carbon Wheels for ebike

    If they are 29" wheels, then the motor is programmed for them.
  16. HGmtb

    Another December Chain thread (for muppets) ... Yawn ...

    I read it too, but a shortened version ( 4 Takeaways from the CyclingTips Ultimate Chain Test - Pinkbike ), and it looks like SRAM XX1 and X01 chains have the longest life by far.
  17. HGmtb

    Specialized Turbo Levo 2021

    Maybe a Mullet ?
  18. HGmtb

    Norco Sight VLT2 or Specialized Levo Comp?

    I've ridden both - the Shimano is at least 30% louder, and has noticeably less torque.
  19. HGmtb

    E bike haters..

    There used to a couple of double black diamond climbs at Mt Stromlo in Canberra - maybe they're still there. Climbing nearly impossible stuff is one of the the only things an eMTB can do that is very different to a manual bike - and I really enjoy the challenge of getting up really rocky climbs...
  20. HGmtb

    E bike haters..

    It would be really dangerous for someone riding down or up - that's why I wouldn't try it if anyone else was riding there.