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  1. StuE

    Please help me to choose the right tires. I'm stuck with this....

    It you're mainly riding on tarmac then you want something like this...
  2. StuE

    Orbea Rise Videos

    Rise in some proper mountains (not me riding it unfortunately)
  3. StuE


    You're probably right, just think that these headsets are an example of form over function and they don't have a place on an MTB
  4. StuE

    Borrowdale Bash ..Slashed!

    Sorry it was a reaction to the original articles headline that you have linked to, their are lots of good reasons for upgrading that footpath and hopefully the National trust will help with that (could they make it a permissive bridleway)
  5. StuE


    They gave their reasons for going the way they did on the interview on the Vital mtb video, don't think that going for the middle ground was the best way forward for them, I think that they should have gone big or gone light, don't understand the stupid headset, it seems to be the latest "thing"...
  6. StuE

    Borrowdale Bash ..Slashed!

    Bit of a misleading headline, it's a public footpath and bikes aren't supposed to be on it anyway, saying that I have ridden it and there isn't any real reason for not allowing bikes on it, but the same goes for thousands of footpaths around England and Wales (Scotland has a different and more...
  7. StuE


    Shimano is the only manufacture that will supply small numbers of motors, Bosch will only supply large batches which most small companies can't afford
  8. StuE

    Brake swop and hose flushing

    I'm using a deore lever with a Magura caliper and it's much better than the full Magura system
  9. StuE

    Brake swop and hose flushing

    CRC have these on offer, do you know how the "J unit" brakes differ from the standard brakes (which are out of stock anyway )
  10. StuE

    Where would you like to go on your next mtb / emtb destination?

    All being well I'm going to Spain in the van in May (I love Spain) 4/5 weeks going where the mood takes us riding bikes and drinking beer.
  11. StuE

    The MTB videos Thread. Funny, Serious, Cool ... Share them here.

    Some proper big mountain riding in Spain
  12. StuE

    e-MTB parts YOU want to forget

    It's not just Shimano motors, you can't get seals etc for their brakes
  13. StuE

    e-MTB parts YOU want to forget

    Hate not being able to service/repair it, I'm not sure I will even buy another ebike until someone brings out a motor that is serviceable
  14. StuE

    e-MTB parts YOU want to forget

    Shimano E8000 motor 🤨
  15. StuE

    What ya riding? Pictures thread!

    Riding this instead of buying a gravel bike, I hate riding in mud and use this to mainly rideon the road and firmer tracks
  16. StuE

    Post your favorite YouTube channels/videos here.

    First clip is a bit sweary if you are bothered by such things
  17. StuE

    Hope Pro 4 Steel Freehub Body - They ship worldwide
  18. StuE

    Cotic emtb

    Cotic are the latest manufacturer to confirm they are developing an ebike, but due to on going supply chain issues it will be 2023 before the production model will be available
  19. StuE

    Question for the Garmin experts

    I have had an Explore for 10 months, it's ok but battery life is not great I would look at one of the more expensive models
  20. StuE

    E-Escarpe 2020 - Set up and changes

    If it's a Shimano service centre they could have sent the motor directly to Madison for exchange, it's what they did with mine and it saved me the hassle of dealing with CRC