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  1. SGH

    360 degrees Camera on a Specialized Kenevo

    This video plays better on my phone, great views tho.
  2. SGH

    Help needed on Kenevo motor

    Hi, Help Needed! Has anyone one had a problem with their Specialized Kenevo motor turning on but not giving any power output. Walk assist still works. * Battery is fully changed * I’ve taken the battery out and replaced it again. I have just downloaded and connected to the BELevo app. Not...
  3. SGH

    Just picked up my new bike

    Just picked up my new bike. My local bike shop Pedal Heaven were amazing. Took me through the bike and made some small changes. Parked in the garage waiting for it’s first ride. Photos attached.
  4. SGH

    What are your thoughts on invisiframe?

    I am waiting to pick up my new bike, while on youtube I came across invisiframe. A clear wrap which covers the bike to protected paintwork. Has anyone done this and would you recommend doing it?
  5. SGH

    Will be joining the E bike world soon, I hope!

    Hi All, I hope all of you are well, I have just joined EMTB and looking for learning more from the experts. I am still looking to get an E mountain bike with full suspension. Living in Farnham with lots of good rides on my door step, I am excited to find the right bike for my budget...