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    What did you buy your ebike this week?

    A new motor! Moving to a new area and lots planned so want maximum reliability for this next year.
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    Following women

    Applies to the trail too
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    Do's and Don'ts for e-bike battery care. What do you do to keep your battery performing at its best?

    Same as many people above, 3 year old bosch 625 powertube. Always left at 100%, mostly ridden on turbo/emtb, rarely ridden to flat, rarely ridden in serious cold. Ridden in high heat when available. Always kept indoors. Zero noticeable reduction in range from a full charge.
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    OUCH…..that hurt

    Are you me?
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    Tire Pressure - Does anyone ride higher pressures like they did in the dawn MTB

    As I am not competing for sponsorships in the fizzy drink bloodsport lottery....I don't need to pay too much attention to it. Somewhere around 30psi give or take with tubes.
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    Used bikes

    These m6 bolts are what you need. Check the length required. I imagine this caliper was used on a bike with larger rotors previously thus the stack.
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    Used bikes

    Why are there so many spacers on the mounting bolts??? Mine for reference.
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    Orbea Rise m20 brake upgrade

    Ice Tech rotors, 203 front 180 rear
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    Orbea Rise m20 brake upgrade Again, they dont really do much more than...
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    Orbea Rise m20 brake upgrade

    Assuming you are currently on 2 piston brakes, switching to a 4 piston set up will increase stopping power. Deore 6120 is the cheap easy option. Hope if you need the colour bling. Upping the rotor sizes can give you even more power if needed. 👍 I went with Saints front and back mostly for looks...
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    Travel increase - 2023/2022 Cube reaction hybrid 750 SLX Hardtail

    The fox 34 is not a bad fork. I think 20mm additional travel would have negligible benefit for the cost involved and may void the warranty. If you're bottoming out a correctly set up 120mm fox 34 you may be pushing the limits of the bikes intended purpose. If you just want an upgrade for the...
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    Paying for your EBike

    I'm just going to keep stashing a sovereign a month 🙃
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    Paying for your EBike

    That £14974 won't buy you a week's worth of groceries in 2063 😆
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    Paying for your EBike

    Took £3k out of my savings in 2019. Don't know what tf I would do if I had to replace it at current day prices (5k+). Thank god it seems to be fairly immortal 😑
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    Orbea wild 2023 vs Mondraker crafty r - please help choose

    The cube 160 team is available in a nice livery this year. Carbon frame, 5k and enough change in your budget to upgrade to axs.....
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    What brakes rotor are you running?

    203/180 front/rear with shimano saints on sintered pads. The thought of putting bigger rotors never occurred to me as the stopping power is already phenomenal.
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    Full suspension or hardtail for light trail and road use.

    Nice choice, if you get any sticking on the 35 gold rl fork, send it in for warranty service before looking at replacements. They will replace the lowers FOC with new better tolerance ones and these will be infinitely better. They did mine and they were not even in warranty!
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    Help! Bit at the bottom of the frame that connects to the battery 😆

    Yeah, that's the bit. Having a good look inside earlier though with it all stripped down, there doesn't seem to be any way of tightening it? It just looks like a plastic plate sandwiched between two other plastic bits. The main mounting screws are dead tight. The motor has been out many many...
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    Help! Bit at the bottom of the frame that connects to the battery 😆

    Thanks buddy, stripped it all down for a deep clean today and it actually seems like there is nothing physically holding it tight. I added a blue tack gasket which should prevent any adverse movement but would be nice to know its supposed to be loose. Cheers!
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    Help! Bit at the bottom of the frame that connects to the battery 😆

    (Quick question) On my cube stereo hybrid 140, when the battery is removed...the point at which it connects to the battery at the base of the frame is really loose, never noticed in all these years. Is it supposed to be that way? Thanks in advance 😀