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  1. seanallgire

    Levo Gen 3 Replace 29 front with 27.5 ?

    If you replace your air spring and go like 10mm more travel in your fork you'd pretty much end up with the geometry you started with, but I'm having a hard time thinking of a scenario where I'd rather have a 27.5 up front over the 29.
  2. seanallgire

    Levo Gen 3 How good are the wheelsets on the cheaper Levos?

    I don't know about some of the lower models, but the wheels that came on my Expert were decent. Upgraded the ratchet in the Roval-branded DT Swiss hub day 1. I noticed a little more flex than I'd like after getting used to the bike and pushing it harder. 28 light-ish weight spokes for a...
  3. seanallgire

    Levo Gen 3 Worth upgrading Code RS to RSC?

    I have SRAM brakes on my bikes - CODE RS on my Levo, Guide GS on my Amish bike. I personally don't like the "modulation" of SRAMs - the levers have to move too much IMO, but the performance of the brakes has never let me down. I thought about upgrading to the RSC versions, but decided to try...
  4. seanallgire

    Levo Gen 3 Need Help

    Got it sorted out - thanks everyone! With a clear head this morning, I went along the line unclezz suggested pulled the chain and there was no resistance on the cranks. Put it back together and noticed that the looser I had the axle the easier it was to turn the cranks. Pulled the wheel and...
  5. seanallgire

    Levo Gen 3 Need Help

    Will give this a shot
  6. seanallgire

    Levo Gen 3 Need Help

    I just swapped out my rear wheel. Swapped over the magnet/sensor along with the rotor and cassette, torqued everything to spec. Tightened the axle down just to hand tight (def not over-tightened) aligned my calipers and when I went to pedal it was extremely hard to start pedaling. Turned...
  7. seanallgire

    Levo Gen 3 Crank Arm Removal

    Thanks! I went 160
  8. seanallgire

    Air tag interferes with mastermind tcu?

    No issues for me with mine attached to the wires going to the motor.
  9. seanallgire

    Levo Gen 3 Crank Arm Removal

    I got them off. Just did the leap of faith and really cranked on it going counter-clockwise. Thanks! Edit - added some pics. 5 Dev cranks (the silver ones definitely pop more on my Jeffsy, but I’m not going for pop on the Levo 👍🏻)
  10. seanallgire

    Levo Gen 3 Crank Arm Removal

    Just got some new cranks for my gen 3 Turbo Levo Expert and I want to make sure I understand how to remove the existing crank arms before going all gorilla on them and doing something stupid. I watched videos of removing crank arms on Levos and in each case an 8mm and some elbow grease seems...
  11. seanallgire

    Xx1 vs gx shifter and mech

    No difference in derailleur performance, but the XO1 shifter is much nicer than the GX IMO. They both work well, but the XO1 has a nicer feel.
  12. seanallgire

    Levo Gen 3 Has anyone tried this rear mudguard for the Gen3 Turbo Levo?

    TBH I can't say how well it works in the wet/mud. Most of the trails I like to ride in the area either have wooden features that get super slippery or clay features that don't hold up well to riding when they're wet. I bought the fender to keep as much of the sandy soil out of the linkage and...
  13. seanallgire

    Levo Gen 3 Has anyone tried this rear mudguard for the Gen3 Turbo Levo?

    Yeah luckily I got mine shipped here to the States when there wasn’t a strike to worry about. The fit and finish were worth the extra $ IMO
  14. seanallgire

    Levo Gen 3 Has anyone tried this rear mudguard for the Gen3 Turbo Levo?

    I'm really happy with this one Specialized Levo Gen3/2022 Rear Guard for Carbon & Alloy frame - SICOMTBPRODUCTS
  15. seanallgire

    Review Outbound Lighting - EVO/Hangover DH package

    How is the helmet mounted light? The sideways orientation seems like it might "balance" better than a front-to-back orientation which always seem to make my helmet droop down. This seems like it could be a better option.