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    Discounted Bike and parts Thread - cheap(er) ebikes & stuff
  2. Trickz

    Reign E+ 2022

    nearly..i think someone is trying to tell me not to bother with this bike.replacement came from giant even worse,asked for a refund🙈mayb I can bag a 2023 model this time next year😂
  3. Trickz

    Reign E+ 2022

    Still waiting for my non damaged one to turn up but I paid £4700 for the 2022 e+2 though with a 625wh battery.
  4. Trickz

    Pole Voima swing arm CRACKED

    Tbh when I was reading about the manufacturing process they used I thought like wow that’s cool but the bonding bit sounded sketchy..I’m sure though after studying the failures they will master it.
  5. Trickz

    E8000 wrecked cogs

    Just checked as I watched all the cheaper new from eBay..looks like they have gone as I’m sure they were around 500 euro.
  6. Trickz

    Kenevo Gen1 Handlebars to solve carpal tunnel/hand pain

    i Have arthritis in most of my finger/thumb and wrist joints and often found my knuckle joints would swell up I think from pulling up on the bars..for me I’ve found nukeproof version 1 horizon bars which have a slightly different upsweep too the v2 and strangely a thinner diameter ultra sticky...
  7. Trickz

    frame protection..

    I use mt zefal skin armour xl pack Matt or gloss and maybe a large pack,not complete coverage but offers good protection as it’s thick..not bike shield thick but a lot cheaper.
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    What did you buy your ebike this week?

    Hopefully the bent one will be picked up Monday and bless them cJperformce has pulled in a favour from another retailer to get me the same size large reign+2 which hopefully will be with me by the end of next week🤞must admit great bunch of lads there and tbh the damaged one I have here was...
  9. Trickz

    What did you buy your ebike this week?

    Just need a bike now🙄😂 £29 on offer for the wtb sl8 race saddle..for me after dozens of different saddles this one in medium/large sit bones is like it was made for comfortable yet it doesn’t look it.
  10. Trickz

    Best Way To Carry E Bike by Car?

    Tbh my last 4 cars have all been estate’s my last was a golf r estate and still having to take the front wheel off and battery out to make it easier..I fancied a smaller car but was stressing about how hard it would be…for the extra 1 min max it takes to remove the back wheel aswell why the fck...
  11. Trickz

    Reign E+ 2022

    Yea shown photos and waiting for response,idk what dpd had dropped on it..the box looked ok apart from a puncture just where the dent is…I can’t blame cjperformance either as every inch of the bike was covered in foam tube,it was even double boxed with a liv box inside over the frame and back...
  12. Trickz

    Reign E+ 2022

    Guys bike turned up but there is dent on the rear triangle..the paint is intact though.
  13. Trickz

    Reign E+ 2022

    So dpd have lost the bike🙈might be a 2023 model after all!😂
  14. Trickz

    Reign E+ 2022

    Is the shock stroke 65mm on the reign 2022?no spacers? Just checking for when I get it😐
  15. Trickz

    Reign E+ 2022

    Well took the metapower to webuycycle this morning and drooled over the stock they have..while there got a call saying my reign is lost in the post!😔🙄
  16. Trickz

    Levo Gen 3 Problem with rear brake sram code rs

    One thing I’ve noticed with the three bikes with code is the back piston never moves as’s almost like the the piston on the outside pushes the disc to the back pad..if you then undo the caliper and re-centre the gap between the pads and start pressing the lever again it will only...
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    Help me choose a bike for the wife

    Vitus E-Sommet VRS seems a cracking spec for price..had good reviews too👍
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    Discounted Bike and parts Thread - cheap(er) ebikes & stuff

    It’s crazy I’ve had to sell my meta power sx to that moose exchange and sell site..the other two I tried said they have to many e-bikes to sell🙈
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    Discounted Bike and parts Thread - cheap(er) ebikes & stuff Small,med,xl left
  20. Trickz

    Reign E+ 2022

    Yes it was on that bike factory site and it was a large with £300 off..strange as the xl,medium were out of stock first🙄