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    140 HPC TM2023 Upgrade options.

    A little foam padding on the inside of the battery compartment quiets them a little. In particular a thin patch on the upper rear side of the battery. The original stems are garbage too. Other than that I'm sure you will love it. My cube was the best thing I ever bought.
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    Top tube carbon cracking Cube Stereo 140 2020

    I mean, it's pretty crap. Most service is these days. But at this point I would just take the L. Accept the mainframe offer for £590 and rebuild the bike.
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    Fork upgrade

    Still a good fork
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    Fork upgrade

    Cost savings. What did you get in the end?
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    Let's see your cubes

    Just a city ride today on my 3.5 year old Cube. I still love it like the first day. Getting my new van in a couple of weeks so no more jamming it in the car to get to trails! Whoop!
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    Fork upgrade

    Don't worry, the 35 Gold is actually not a terrible fork IF.....if.... it has had a good service. Lots of the problems with these I think were caused by them leaving the factory dry and with excessive sticking. Having a full service done on mine opened my eyes to how plush and responsive they...