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  1. Mihael

    Reaction Hybrid Pro fork upgrade

    Done my first 500 kilometers on my Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 750 and I absolutely love it! I am riding on tarmac (commuting) but the best part is to go XC; uphill, fire roads, singletracks that are not to gnarly. Just to note, full suspension was out of my budget. Question is: The fork? Many...
  2. Mihael

    Odometer validity on used emtb (Bosch gen4) and how to test battery on used ebike?

    hi all! Bike is listed as very rarely used with price set at 2/3 of new one, odometer shows less than 100 km in a bit more than 2 years. Owner has receipt. So, the question is, how easy is for the owner to reset odometer? I've found reddit post where is says the certified shop can do that, or...
  3. Mihael

    KTM Elopeak M29.21

    Any owners here? It is discounted currently, price is good for a 85 NM Bosch with 500wh battery. What worries me a bit is a period that bike has been in store and how cdid this reflect on battery. Also, cover of battery charging connector is not best of design. If there are owners here, would...
  4. Mihael

    hey all! Another n00b here

    Hi all! Last time when I bought new bike I was almost 20 years yunger. It was sometime around 2004 and I bought brand new Trek 4100. It is still in fully original state in my garage (well, some parts were upgraded/changed due to wear). I used to ride on average 20km per day back then, nowdays...