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    Turbo Levo 2017 battery

    Is it using original battery and motor firmware? My friend is also having battery issues with gen 1 bike. I won´t charge it completely full. He got new battery from warranty. He had to paid ½ of that battery by himself. Previous battery had troubles similar than yours and also had water ingress...
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    Blevo battery health %

    Has anyone checked what is the voltage of battery that has 100% health and it is fully charged? Is it 42V? Mine shows just 41,4V
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    Blevo battery health %

    I have own the bike 5 months. Its built 2019 and I had two charge cycles when I bought the bike. At that time health showed 100% with blevo. Bike had been in bikeshop few months in demostration bike and I think they have stored it with battery full. It think it's best to store it with around...
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    Blevo battery health %

    I am just askin for what others battery health is? Bike year, health %, cycles. I am seeing some degration of the health. Bike 2020 model levo with 500Wh battery.