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    Most reliable EMTB's?

    You are asking for something that doesn't exist. You simply won't find raw metrics on reliability as it is a highly subjective topic. I've ridden Shimano, Brose, and Bosch powered bikes and they all have positives an negatives but also feel different. Ride them all and find out which system...
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    Rail (750Wh) '23/'24 Rail Gen 4 Sizing Dilemma

    I'm 5'9" and ride a medium. There are times when I think I could have gone for a small.
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    Why no gear indicator?

    Gear indicators belong on kids bikes so you can teach them how it works and better direct them on how and when to change gears. Riding an MTB is like driving a manual vehicle and should become second nature with time and experience.
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    Rail (625Wh) Rail 9.7 small bump compliance

    G'day all. Anyone have any success with achieving small bump compliance on a Rail with RS Deluxe+ rear shock? I have played with pressures and rebound but am at a loss. I'm about 200lbs fully kitted out riding the roots and rocks of Vancouver Island (BC). I am on a medium and there isn't...
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    Rail (625Wh) Trek Rail 7 202 size up or down

    I'm 5'9" and ride a 2022 medium Rail 9.7. Really depends on you body shape (i.e. long legs vs arms etc...) and how you like the bike to feel. I could have gone small and been just as happy (ride in BC).
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    Full Face Helmet drill down thoughts

    I am approaching 50 and am not interested in trying to recover from an injury. I ride an IXS Trigger FF almost full time and have no issues with over heating or airflow (and I am a sweaty one). Now, I am in the BC so it isn't 30deg very often but I prefer the knowledge that I might keep my...
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    Chain lube

    I am of the opinion people spend way too much time thinking about these things. Keep your drivetrain clean and lightly lubed and away you go. That being said, I typically use Muc-Off (wet and dry) largely because I (a) I have it and (b) I like the smell of it.
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    Full face or convertible helmet

    I've ridden a half shell helmet almost all of my riding career... until I realized I was almost 50 and didn't want to endure dental work or facial injuries. Now the only time I wear my half shell is when riding the lazy trails with the kids. I have an IXS Trigger FF which is comfortable, not...
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    Rail (625Wh) Trek Rail Carbon Vs Aluminum

    I ended up going carbon, not because of the weight savings but because the aluminum version had the awful (my opinion) Purion controller and the carbon had the Kiox. I could have swapped controllers but then the purchase price was almost the same. That beings said, I would happily buy the Al...
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    Trek Rail - small frame - how tall are you? :)

    I am 5'9" and ride a 9.7 medium. I could easily ride a small.
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    Levo Gen 2 Two green lights only

    I am not hopeful. At least there is another 2yr warranty which just means something else will die. I am quite sure there was water intrusion somewhere which cooked the whole thing...which is laughable but seems to be all too common on even the new builds. I just hope she lasts...
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    Levo Gen 2 Two green lights only

    Final update (hopefully). New battery required and I was charged crash replacement price. 102 charges and 3000km for the battery which died. Hopefully the new one lasts longer.
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    Levo Gen 2 Two green lights only

    Three weeks in the shop and still nadda. The shop is "waiting for direction from Specialized". At this rate, spring will get here before I am back on my bike.
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    Levo Gen 2 Two green lights only

    UPDATE. The shop says it is the battery (which I figured) and is now awaiting instructions from Specialized on how to proceed. Given the horrendous wait times I have been hearing about I suspect it will be quite some time before there is any resolution. Disappointing.
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    Levo Gen 2 Two green lights only

    Cheers. I've had the power cable and controller cable replaced previously chasing other gremlins which were resolved. My suspicion is the battery. 102 charge cycles... kinda disappointing. I'll report back when I hear from the shop. QUOTE="Adam Thomas, post: 256928, member: 9150"] Hi...
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    Levo Gen 2 Two green lights only

    Hi all, 2018 Levo. She's brought me the greatest highs on a bike and the greatest lows but lately it's all been lows. I've only got two greens (10% and 100%) on my TCU even though charge is 80%. MC shows everything normal. I've had power cable and bar remote both replaced previously. 100...