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    Other Levo Gen1 vs Gen2 vs Gen3?

    This site is very helpful for individual parts for Gen 2 & 3 and you can search around for even more info, but nothing for Gen 1 on it.
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    Other Levo Gen1 vs Gen2 vs Gen3?

    To start at the beginning you can tell the difference on these points. Gen 1 has Green lighs on the left side of the battery on the Frame. Gen 2 has a TCO on the top of the Frame with lights on it. Gen 3 Comps etc, have the same TCU, but the battery connector is different. Gen 3 has a little...
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    Fuel EXe Rear wheel won't spin freely after upgrade to SRAM GX T-type transmission?

    There is a very think spacer that goes on the axle and it looks like it is part of the axle. It may be missing or in your XD driver you took off. I just went thru this with a bike and it sounds like it. Its about 3/4 long and very thin and goes inside the XD driver
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    35mm rise handlebar

    No, I have used the Carbon ones for years and also use the Atlas 35mm Stem.
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    35mm rise handlebar

    RaceFace makes them in Alloy or Carbon. Raceface Atlas.
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    Levo Gen 3 Broken charging door

    These are available and they are covered under warranty. The new ones have a metal hinge and hold up well. The old one was plastic.
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    Levo Gen 2 2019 Levo motor warranty question

    Check with your dealer but your warranty shoudl extend on the last motor you had installed. Each new motor should come with a 2 year warranty.
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    Levo Gen 3 Rattling SWorks 2022 Levo

    A very common issue is the Steering stem bearing, but it is more of a Creak than a rattle. It happens when you pedal and or hit bumps, you may want to take the steering stem apart and grease good since you have most other things. Also check motors bolts especially the left handed threaded one...
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    Levo Gen 3 2022 turbo levo carbon comp lacking power

    I can tell you from experience you never know. We have hd brand new bikes with a bad motor and some with over 3000 on a motor and still running good. But what I can say they are getting better and better and we replace them less and less often. If you every need direct help reach out to us...
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    Levo Gen 3 2022 turbo levo carbon comp lacking power

    I am a dealer and can answer any questions you have.
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    Levo Gen 3 2022 turbo levo carbon comp lacking power

    Your bike needs updated by a dealer and he can set to the 20mpgh setting. The come from the factory at 16mph.
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    Levo SL Gen 1 Levo vs Levo SL

    If you want to ride with others who ride an analog bike the SL is good. It you want the adrenlin rush of going fast a Levo is the way to go.