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  1. HGmtb

    Other New Brose Motor ?

    Interesting bike at 3D Printing Show in Germany - has Brose developed a Gearbox Motor ?
  2. HGmtb

    Levo Gen 3 Brose motor less power after update

    I have had my Levo for 5 years now, and the motor power was noticeably reduced with every firmware update - and when finally it needed a replacement motor (after nearly 4 years), the power was even less. Of course these power reductions were intentional, in order to lengthen motor life, but it...
  3. HGmtb

    Tongsheng TSDZ2 Torque sensing Mid Mount conversion,scm-url:1007.40...
  4. HGmtb

    Tongsheng TSDZ2 Torque sensing Mid Mount conversion

    I prefer Hybrid Assist as well. The "feel" is good, but as expected the maximum capability is less than my Turbo Levo - however I usually ride the TSDZ2 eMTB on less technical trails (partly because of the reduced ground clearance), which I would never use Boost on the Levo on anyway.
  5. HGmtb

    Tongsheng TSDZ2 Torque sensing Mid Mount conversion

    250wh - good for around 35 km, and a spare is light enough to carry in a backpack if required.
  6. HGmtb

    Tongsheng TSDZ2 Torque sensing Mid Mount conversion

    I built this during Lockdown to see whether a 16.5kg eMTB was a good idea - and it is.
  7. HGmtb

    Accidentally purchased illegal ebikes?

    Just disconnect (or even take off) the throttle, only use it in the lower/mid power setting, and ride considerately.
  8. HGmtb

    Sore Shoulders

    Some previous discussion about this, but mostly about grips, bar angle, fork setup, tyre pressure etc - but none of it explains why it happens more on eMTB's. My theory is that because you don't put as much force downwards into the pedals when riding eBikes compared to analogue bikes, the...
  9. HGmtb

    New Pinion integrated gearbox and motor (MGU)

    I agree - the belt tensioner needs to be far better resolved for eMTB's.
  10. HGmtb

    Forestal Siryon 2021 Edition One - Owners Thread

    BikeBug have a further 25% off the already discounted 50% price - AU$5654 for a Cyon Halo !
  11. HGmtb

    Levo SL Gen 1 Levo SL (gen1) Dead/Unresponsive Solution Warning Tip

    I had exactly the same issue with my 2019 Levo a couple of years ago - initially the battery cable was replaced but to no effect, so then they gave me a new TCU, and it's been fine ever since.
  12. HGmtb

    Levo Gen 3 What is normal Gen 3 Levo Motor Noise?

    I also have a 2019 Levo, which finally needed a new motor a couple of months ago - and the new motor is definitely noisier than the original one . . . not an unpleasant noise, but slightly annoying nonetheless.
  13. HGmtb

    Levo Gen 3 Larger chainring on 2022 Turbo Levo?

    Oval Chainrings are not for mid-motor eBikes
  14. HGmtb

    Levo Gen 2 Levo Motor - Acceptable Bottom Bracket Play

    In some respects an eBike mid-motor is the equivalent of the Bottom Bracket in an Analogue Bike - it is treated as a single component which is specifically warranted for 4 years (Specialized don't repair Brose Motors, they replace the whole unit). If the Bottom Bracket of an Analogue Bike...
  15. HGmtb

    Levo Gen 2 Levo Motor - Acceptable Bottom Bracket Play

    That's exactly what I did @Zimmerframe - and now I have a new motor after 3 years and 11 months with the original one.
  16. HGmtb

    Other Brose without issues? Tell us please!

    2019 Levo purchased 3 years and 11 months ago finally needed a new motor this week !