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  1. nv70

    The MTB MEME thread !

    Ouch !! :oops:
  2. nv70

    Pic of the Day

  3. nv70

    Pic of the Day

    Winter is coming. Not much snow yet here
  4. nv70

    Shimano 12 speed chain longevity vs price

    I have a KMC för next change. I guess its shit then for my Sram cassete and front ring ?
  5. levo


  6. nv70

    What did you buy your ebike this week?

    Winter is coming. Prepare w spikes
  7. nv70 gone bust

    Some more Signa Sports with Liquidity issues .... (CRC/Wiggle/Probike/Nukeproof/Vitus)
  8. nv70

    Comment by 'nv70' in article '2023 Specialized Levo SL Comp Carbon review'

    Any rumors about new alloy sl too
  9. nv70


  10. nv70

    Newbi here

    New Swede here looking and learn for info