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    Bafang HMI options and upgrades

    Currently have the DP-C245 hmi on my VMG Typhon with M510/BT-F311 and am looking at an upgrade to C245 has anyone else done this and are there any functional differences between the two?
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    M820 Bafang - LIGHTCARBON LCE930 Frame (lightweight)

    They are the sponsored Bafang factory race team so I would say they would be assisting Bafang with product development and testing so imo a Bafang slim/high capacity/21700 cell battery may not be too far away!
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    Bafang m820

    Yes it will be interesting to see in what direction the lightweight mid power/mid travel trend goes in and the development of battery capacity in the current 410wh size and weight (up to 500wh maybe?) For me it would be as a 140/150mm trail/am bike of 140/150mm travel to get out after work and...
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    Bafang m820

    Agree that a smaller battery saves more weight than the 600g of the M820 over the M510 AND also improves the handling characteristics of the bike. My DT Swiss H1900 Hybrid mullet wheelset is 2100g, two Victoria E-Mazza's are 2300g and I could easily save 1500g on the wheelset alone as I would...
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    Bafang m820

    I am awaiting delivery of my VMG Typhon 160mm Fox DHX2 Coil frame with M510 and 840wh battery. Fork is a 170mm Fox 38 although a RS Zeb would also be fine as this is a Super-Enduro build of around 23-24kg with complimentary heavy duty wheels and tyres, big brakes and rotors, etc. For a M820 with...
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    Bafang DPC241 on 35mm bars

    Effective solution = problem solved!
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    Bafang DPC241 on 35mm bars

    Seen as there is an issue with the clamp breaking if overtightened or not fitted with care does anyone have one fitted to 35mm bars without any problems - does the clamp fit well or does it need to be bent to accommodate the extra width?
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    Bafang M500/M600 Dual Suspension Frames

    Hi Chris - I have to say I'm impressed with what you have done with the Typhon. The development page on your website was very insightful and I do think you have nailed the geo on your frames compared to the current offerings available for the Bafang m500/m600. Also would you ship a frameset (no...
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    Hi all forum members from Auckland, NZ

    I've been mountain biking since the mid 90's and raced Bmx way back in the day. I'm currently building an Chiner 29 with a Flybike Fm936 frame and so far so good! I also have an old Focus Jam2 emtb which needs to be replaced but I can't for love or money find a replacement that I would want to...