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    Whats the best full power, Full 29'er on the market today ??

    Just scored a ‘23 Wild LTD with the CX race motor this past week, a local shop had it show up the day before I swung by to inquire about placing an order for a ‘24 as it sounded like all Wilds from ‘23 were sold out. Guess not, apparently they ordered it last Spring and it just now arrived. Holy...
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    Levo Gen 3 Official Specialized Gen 3 2022 Levo Megathread!

    Looking to pick up a lightly used '22 SWorks Levo (Gen 3) with bit over 550 miles from an older gentleman locally- he was quite meticulous with service/cleaning etc. And aside from a little cable/heel rub it is otherwise super clean. New to the Levo's - anything I should look for or listen to...
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    Does the new Bosch 250extender work with a trek rail?

    Following. Interested in this as well……
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    Rail (750Wh) '23/'24 Rail Gen 4 Sizing Dilemma

    Thanks All for the input. Thinking of pulling the trigger on a MD, now I need to convince the CFO.....
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    Rail (750Wh) '23/'24 Rail Gen 4 Sizing Dilemma

    Cheers All, New to emtb's and looking to get electrified and I'm smack dab between the MD and LG for the new Gen 4 Rail. I'm 5'9.5" w/ 32" inseam, looking to get the bike to explore rougher backcountry zones where it has been more moto/equestrian trails, ie bit steep, loose and technical...
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    2024 Strive:ON

    Fingers still crossed we might see something here in the US this month. Getting ready to pull the trigger on an emtb and I can’t wait much longer
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    Meta Power SX Bosch

    Bueller, Bueller...... come on now- someone has to have had taken one for a rip. whats the word?
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    2024 Strive:ON

    Anyone hear of any updates to a US arrival? Seen a few random posts of a Sept '23 ETA but thats it - sent email to Canyon US and no reply as of yet. The Strive:ON is looking like a serious contender in my search for a 160ish mm travel Bosch equipped ebike. Really digging the look/spec and...
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    2024 Santa Cruz Heckler SL

    Was more a compatibility issue between the updated EP801 motor and the Darfon battery that was a carryover from the year’s prior EP800. Once the battery was updated the issues on the ‘23/‘24 Hecklers. Was a Darfon design vs a SC software issue…..
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    Heckler sizing…. Md or Lg?

    Howdy All, bit of a pickle here. I’m 5’9.5” w/32” inseam. Traditionally I’ve ridden LGs, have an opportunity to pick up a ‘24 Heckler XO RSV Sz MD from an out of state friend at a killer deal. No local dealers so I can’t throw a leg over a MD to verify sizing and I’m a little gun-shy of going to...