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    Chris King or Industry 9 hubs on Specialized Levo

    King is a great hub, but the ringdrive requires special grease, and a special bearing tool is required to service them. Axle pretension is a bastard to get right. If you must have American jewelry have you considered Paul or White ?
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    Mission Control New specialized (cr)app ?

    When I picked up my Levo I was asked to install the Specialized app. Not the *Mission Control* app because it is allegedly EOL, but the 'new' app. But as I wanted to know my motor production date by using the app I could not find it. I installed the MC app and, although it appears to be a bit...
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    Levo Gen 3 Replace 29 front with 27.5 ?

    Knowing forums, the topic will quickly degenerate into an argument why the reasons are wrong, completely ignoring the question, while the people asking for the reasons never answer the question in the first place. But for those of you who do answer : (y)Thanks(y)
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    Levo Gen 3 Replace 29 front with 27.5 ?

    Hey everyone, I got a comp carbon last week, and for various reasons I'm wondering about replacing the 29 front with a 27.5. Have any of you done this, if so with what wheel, and what are your findings ? Thanks, Pete