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    Levo Gen 3 Gen 3 Levo Motor Noise

    I have a 2022 Gen 3 Levo Pro and have had 3 noisey motors replaced in 700kms of riding , none of the motors have failed they just get really noisey similar to the one in the video I have linked which is not me Latest motor was replaced this week and 3kms into the first climb it started making...
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    Levo Carbon Expert Seat Post Too High

    @kramerica no it wasnt in a levo but if you have a look on this page DROPPER POST and this page OneUp Dropper Post Selector - Step 1 It has all the information on the length of the posts and how the compare to most of the other dropper post models You will probably need to replace the remote as...
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    Levo Carbon Expert Seat Post Too High

    I had a similar issue on my wife's bike and went with a one up components 150mm travel dropper It has one of the smaller collars one the market so you can get it right down in the frame and you can then fine tune the travel from 150mm down as low as 100mm using a spacer so for riders with...
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    Exceeding the 250W - Peak motor power output

    2019 Kenevo running latest firmware and using mission control I am regularly seeing peaks over 800 and the max system power I can find on a ride is 1.65kw Screenshots are from a quick 1 hr ride where I rode in Turbo to get as much riding in as quick as possible with Support at 100% and Max...