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    Levo Gen 3 Damage to Carbon Frame

    Hi community members! I wanted to get your thoughts and opinion on the damage I have to carbon frame on my 2022 turbo levo pro. Not much else to say. Have posted two photos. I guess my question really is how bad do you think the damages? My local dealer has ordered a replacement for around $300...
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    Levo Gen 3 Broken Charge Port Door

    Thanks for the responses. Makes me feel better in some strange way. My dealer submitted for a warranty replacement as well. In the meantime, I continue to ride it. Does not appear that that door keeps out any dirt or water. It is called a rock guard. The dust and waterproofing come from the seal...
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    Levo Gen 3 Broken Charge Port Door

    Hi All. New member and new owner of a 2022 Turbo Levo Expert. My first time charging the bike, the port door broke off. There is an incredibly thin piece of plastic that attaches the door. I don't exactly know how it happened but I'm guessing the crank came down and sheered it off. Maybe as...