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    Transition Relay Owners how's the bike?

    I just did 6 days in a row of 100-0 riding in mostly expert terrain switching between low and medium power setting depending on steepness for those who are interested in range stats: (Carbon PNW, strong climber) 1) 34km 1100m 2) 23km 1300m 3) 25km 1150m 4) 31km 1713m (Rode 100%-0% charged to...
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    Relay Tips / Tricks

    Anyone having issues with the ring controller? Mine has started getting stuck up or down after clicking it maybe 1/4 of the time. Forces the bike into boost mode if I don't notice or turns it off. Torque of the bolt seems to affect how bad it is but I cant find any torque that makes it go away.
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    My Relay rocks

    Yeh verified that and checked the sizing of the seat tube with a caliper. Going to try another brand of carbon compound.
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    My Relay rocks

    Which band do you use? I've been using finish line fiber grip for my other bikes and it works fine but not on this relay.
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    My Relay rocks

    Has anyone had any issues with the dropper post sliding down into the seat tube over time while riding? - Carbon frame - Carbon assembly compound used during installation - Seat clamp torqued up to 10nm in tests. Seat will inevitably side all the way down to the dropper post collar slowly...
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    My Relay rocks

    Anyone know where to get the ride 60 firmware from right now? The official website has been offline for quite a while: My new Relay is on bundle 004 but the website says its under maintenance ever since I got it and wont let me...