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  1. Marshall Willanholly

    2024 Santa Cruz Heckler SL

    Trying to decide between this and the Levo SL2. I live in the PNW, and we’ve got lots of slippery roots here. This review makes it sound like the Heckler won’t be great in those situations. Has anyone tried a coil shock? I think I remember a recent Roller Door podcast where Santa Cruz test...
  2. Marshall Willanholly

    Comment by 'Marshall Willanholly' in article 'The new Santa Cruz Heckler SL is out...'

    The current Santa Cruz website has these weights for the FF Heckler
  3. Marshall Willanholly

    Levo SL Gen 1 Levo SL 2023 Megathread

    I wonder when the US will get the Pro model.
  4. Marshall Willanholly

    Other 2023 Levo SL - Full 29er?

    Are there any TCU settings that need to change when switching to a 29” rear wheel?
  5. Marshall Willanholly

    2024 Santa Cruz Heckler SL

    Do you happen to know if soon means days, weeks, or months? I’m about to buy a new Levo SL in the next week or two, but something new from Santa Cruz could be enough to change my mind.
  6. Marshall Willanholly

    Review SQ Labs 6OX ERGOWAVE active 2.1

    After reading this review, I’ve been riding my SQLab saddle without the elastomer. Feels great! FWIW I’m ~80kg
  7. Marshall Willanholly

    Kenevo SL New Turbo Kenovo SL 50% off
  8. Marshall Willanholly

    All New 2023 Orbea Wild

    Does anyone know the weight difference between the two battery sizes available for the Wild?
  9. Marshall Willanholly

    SRAM's new 2023 Drivetrain allows full power shifts

    Skip to the 16 minute mark for the new Transmission testing: