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  1. ragnor

    Ouch at Llandegla

    Reading this thread makes me think how lucky I am & how Hobo Mikey must be feeling after a simple accident leads to such a debilitating injury. Like MikerB I fell off the path along Loch an Duin when I put my foot down on nothing. I was walking! Rolled down the hill with the bike rolling down on...
  2. ragnor

    Fitting torque caps

    After managing to find someone with greater knowledge than me (That's probably anyone) I'm pleased to say that the problem is now solved. It was so simple that even a three year old could do it. That's about my level of expertise. I was a bit disappointed though in Hunt Wheels. Firstly they sent...
  3. ragnor

    Fitting torque caps

    Ta for the replies. Circumstances mean that I now can't check the position for a few days.
  4. ragnor

    Fitting torque caps

    Fork is a Zeb. Yep wheels are Hunt. Had a look on their site but the blurb didn't quite seem to equate with what I have. N.B. That's from my extremely limited knowledge and expertise So thought that my best plan was to consult those wot know much more than me!
  5. ragnor

    Fitting torque caps

    It would appear that a set of wheels that I have do not fit the bike. BUMMER! But from various persona I've been told that a set of torque caps for the front wheel should sort this. But as usual the said various persona have indicated that this is an easy peasy job that any idiot could deal...
  6. ragnor

    Does grease have a sell buy date?

    Seems OK then. I'll nip back & help finish ye ancient old tub of Castrol. P.S. Couldn't find a sell by date. Rust might have overtaken that.
  7. ragnor

    Does grease have a sell buy date?

    While mooching around a friends garage the other day I watched him apply grease from an ancient looking Castrol tin. He didn't seem bothered by the fact that the grease was years old. When I asked him the age of the Castrol grease he couldn't say but thought maybe ten years but probably more...
  8. ragnor

    Scotland biking

    Heading over to Craigvinean forest at Dunkeld might be worth a punt. Personally speaking I'm not into full armour downhill suicide routes. That might be your thing though. Some nice routes too up Loch Ordie way at Dunkeld.
  9. ragnor

    Ultrasonic Cleaner-Who Uses Them

    Running an E bike in Scotland's mud & gloom season I'd be looking for one that could take a bike! Might be a bit expensive though. The other option would be to clean the bike in the bath (No not with me in it or on it) but I think that it not might be beneficial to my future welfare. Like iXi I...
  10. ragnor

    Shimano Micro Spine cassette tool

    Can ayone positively confirm that Park Tools FR-5.2GT - Cassette Locking Tool Is the correct tool for fitting a Shimano 12 speed micro spline cassette? Looking at the info online it would appear so but first hand information from users is always good.
  11. ragnor

    My Rail, Resting on Stuff

    Getting colder& wetter! Whoo the Hell was Domingo anyway?
  12. ragnor

    Sold For Sale 2018 Merida eOne Sixty 800 Size Med. £1200

    Tried an advert some time ago but no joy. So I thought that I would try again. Can I ask politely that picture hunters go elsewhere. Genuine enquiries invited & always welcome! For Sale 2018 Merida eOne Sixty 800 Size Med. Asking price is £1,200 This was my wife's bike but she no longer has any...
  13. ragnor

    Crestline RS 75/50 Copper Edition - bike check & first ride impressions

    Many congratulations on your miraculous recovery. Last I heard from you on 3rd August was "Got a medical issue that won't be sorted until next year so I can't ride until then"
  14. ragnor

    My Rail, Resting on Stuff

    Whoopee another blue sky day
  15. ragnor

    Pic of the Day

    I'd be interested in which roads go as it might be something to do if I can't stand the rain and the endless/bottomless peat bogs and slippy rocks. I've stayed a couple of times in the estate cottages so I could at least stay warm & dry and watch the telly. How are the dreaded midge?
  16. ragnor

    Pic of the Day

    Best of luck if you're thinking of biking Foinaven or Arkle! Still got them to do but not on the bike. Looks good weather. Last time that I was up there it was the usual horizontal rain.
  17. ragnor

    Rail (625Wh) Best mounts for i phone

    What about the new Bosch Smartphone grip. Would this be OK albeit that the grip is not receiving anything as the system isn't the new fangled thingy?
  18. ragnor

    Rail (625Wh) Best mounts for i phone

    Is the best bar mount for a Trek rail the quad lock or are there others that you would recommend?
  19. ragnor

    Quick charger for smart system batteries

    The charger for the smart system batteries appears to be 4A. Anyone found a Bosch charger that puts out more juice than that for the smart batteries? The "old" Bosch fast charger at 6A isn't apparently compatible with the new batteries. Unless you've found out otherwise of course.