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  1. hamncheez

    Removing Bafang m820 25kph Speed Limiter

    Anyone? Curious as well. For use on private land only of course.
  2. hamncheez

    SCHWARZWILD Bafang M820 with LCE 930 frame

    So according to this guy, Light Carbon with Bafang M800 , LG 18650 cells have a nominal voltage of 3.7v, but a peak of 4.2v when fully charged. Do your 21700 cells stay close to 3.7v even when fully charged?
  3. hamncheez

    BMS recommendations for 11s 33 cell 18650s

    Hi everyone! I welded up a frame that I want to be dual purpose analog/ebike SL, and so I have an adapter for a trad bottom bracket or a mount for a Bafang m810. I need to build a DIY battery that can fit in the downtube, which is 48mm inner diameter. 4 18650s should fit, and that would require...
  4. hamncheez

    M820 Bafang - CEF50 frame (lightweight)

    Awesome, perfect!
  5. hamncheez

    M820 Bafang - CEF50 frame (lightweight)

    Thanks, mine are the TRP rotors that are thicker than most. I just clamped it in there. We'll see how well it holds or if I get an error 21 in the middle of a ride...
  6. hamncheez

    M820 Bafang - CEF50 frame (lightweight)

    Hey guys! I know this is from like 40 pages back, but I'm trying to install my magnet speed sensor, but I have center lock rotors. Any suggestions?
  7. hamncheez

    Bafang m820

    Sorry if I missed it, but did we confirm if the m820 uses the same mounting dimensions as the older m800?
  8. hamncheez

    Bafang m510

    Thanks, these are better than I had before, but the resolution is very low and its hard to read the numbers. Do you have them in a higher resolution?
  9. hamncheez

    Bafang m510

    Hi Abordo, there is a communication or language barrier with the suppliers you are talking to. The M500, M600, and the new M510 all use the same mount and will all fit in the same frames.
  10. hamncheez

    Bafang m510

    Hey, I'm planning on welding up my own frame to put either an m510 or m600 in. Does anyone know where I can get the specs/measurements for the mount for this motor? I can't find it anywhere on the various Bafang websites and when I try and contact their sales I never get a response. I made this...
  11. hamncheez

    Vitus Mythique CYC X1 Stealth Motor Build

    On their website, CYC claim "Total weight with crankset & BB: 4.5kg". Does anyone know what the total weight, with crankset and BB, the Bafang m600 is? I'm building my own frame, and was planning on using both an m500 and m600, but heck this might be a better solution.
  12. hamncheez

    Light Carbon with Bafang M800

    @KaroKönig Awesome build! I want to do the same thing as you. Can I ask you a few questions? How do you get it to output 46.2 volts when you have 22 cells in pairs; doesn't that give you 11*3.7 = 40.7 volts? Which cells are you using, and have you weighed your battery? Finally, have you ever...
  13. hamncheez

    So I want to weld up my own steel ebike frame.....

    Sorry for the late reply; these are great! Only issue is that they don't carry Bafang, and I can't get Shimano, Brose, or Bosch to reply to my inquiries, let alone sell me one. You can find Shimano's E8000 on ebay, but its sketchy.
  14. hamncheez

    Bafang M500 - BESST and limits

    Where are you buying the m500 system from? What battery are you pairing it with?
  15. hamncheez

    So I want to weld up my own steel ebike frame.....

    It never says how he was able to buy the Bosch motor or mount!
  16. hamncheez

    So I want to weld up my own steel ebike frame.....

    Yes, but I want a torque sensor, not a throttle.
  17. hamncheez

    So I want to weld up my own steel ebike frame.....

    Ya, that might have to be my plan. I really, really would like to get the formal specs because anything I order will probably be 6-9 months out, and I'd like to work on the frame in the meanwhile....
  18. hamncheez

    So I want to weld up my own steel ebike frame.....

    No, but I have heard about the reliability of bolt-on applications for actual mountain biking, which is why I want to do a true mid-mount design. I just can't find any CAD or spec files for the various mounts.
  19. hamncheez

    So I want to weld up my own steel ebike frame.....

    I see that after perusing other threads. I wonder why all the new brands are using Shimano? Maybe their OE prices are amazing.
  20. hamncheez

    Bafang M620 in a Cube frame

    Nice! So did you take the Bosch motor out of the Cube, and weld brackets onto the Bafang to make it fit? How did you know what the fitments needed to be? Just waited till the parts came in and measured?