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    Wrist pain. Does bar rotation make a difference? (Update + back sweep)

    To test bar width before cutting simply slide your grips in and let excess bar stick out. Go for a ride(s) and get width dialed in before cutting. Brake lever and shifter angle are important as stated above. Shift lever you don't want to have to bring your thumb way back and up but since...
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    Powerfly Trek Powerfly4 speed/mileage off

    This spring we bought my wife a size small Powerfly4 Gen3. It is completely stock with the Purion controller. As a size small, it's on the 27.5 wheels. I suspect the controller maybe be set for 29 wheels. Is there a way I can check wheel diameter without taking it into the shop? I don't...
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    new to the ebike crowd

    She ended up with a small Trek Powerfly 4 in lithium grey. We had one 3 mile ride so far due to weather. Old man winter keeps trying to hang on. Temperatures didn't get above freezing yesterday and today we have rain coming in followed by 3-5" of snow Friday into Saturday. Temps are looking...
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    new to the ebike crowd

    Armor11, I'm hoping we get similar results to you. Your wife's story gives me some hope that an ebike is not just a pipedream fix I made up in my head because I like bikes. Even if she only gets to a point of consistent paved path rides I'd consider it a whopping success. I wish full...
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    QR (skewer) vs Thru Axle

    As I help my wife search for her first ebike, I'm getting hung up on QR skewer (thin axle that stays in the wheel) vs boost thru axle. I'm not asking about thru axle with handle vs thru axle fastened with allen key. All of my bikes are new enough they are thru axle and it seems like the more...
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    new to the ebike crowd

    A search for an ebike for my wife has brought me into the ebike world. I haven't had the need to justify the spend on one for myself just yet as thankfully I'm still pretty able bodied and crank out 3k-4k on my accoustic bikes each year (would love one for commuting (Cairn e-adventure 650b with...