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    Levo Gen 2 Touch up paint

    These guys make an absolute perfect match for my sage green levo…recommended by a few Spesh dealers here in the uk….
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    Kenevo Gen1 Kenevo or Levo?

    The latest version of the levo has lots of adjustment on the geometry…I believe from watching an embn post on YouTube that it can be adjusted to make it slacker and longer than a Kenevo……I’d imagine that gives you more choice ultimately, leave it stock and spritely, or make it slack if you...
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    Brake piston retractor tool

    ta for this…..leaving the old pads in place and gently prizing them apart with a large flat bladed screwdirver(by turning it when it’s between the pads) used to do the trick on my last bike ….didn’t do the pad surfaces much good but they were usually toast by this time…..the bike had only done...
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    Brake piston retractor tool

    Just had a lengthy session, trying to push back my pistons(sram code r) when fitting new pads…they did seem quite stiff… the end, I managed to get a mini g cramp in the calpier to retract the pistons….did the job although, it was a fiddle, using a spacer to stop the clamp marking the paint...
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    Osprey savu vs Evoc hip pack pro

    Hey, been thinking of getting a hip pack after cheaping out and being disappointed…current shortlist is the Evoc Hip Pack Pro(don’t want a bladder but like the look of the Velcro strap support around the waist) or for a fair bit cheaper, the Osprey Savu (much cheaper then the Evoc)…has anyone...
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    Other Frame bag full triangle for bikepacking. Levo G3

    Looks great….how much would you sell these for ?
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    Turbo Levo Comp adding a display?

    Hi, Have a look at the BLevo app…..see there’s a couple of demos of it on youtube….can’t say I’ve navigated into those waters myself, yet though…be interesting to hear off others on their thoughts!
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    Other Carrying tools and spares

    Hi…yes it clears the dropper just fine….and my legs don’t hit it..although,.it’s a cheap,non branded one I picked up for about £4 in ALDI back last summer…I may end up goetting my needle and thread out and attaching some Velcro straps around it to support the existing poor Velcro strapping it...
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    Other Carrying tools and spares

    Hi, can’t get on with backpacks, or even hip packs… thinking of a top tube pack to carry a few tools and spares…bought a cheap top tube bag and fixed it up against my seatpost(it was a cheapie and the Velcro wasn’t that secure, especially when it got mud crusted) can anyone recommend a brand...
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    Levo Gen 3 Stripping the Alloy Frame to Raw.

    Makes me wonder why they don’t offer this as a factory option….I know of another brand (giant) that does it! Seems the logical way forward to me rather then worrying about keeping paint finishes tip top ! Maybe….it’s a ploy to keep us buying new bikes periodically !
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    Levo Gen 3 Show me your sage green levos

    Anyone had theirs wrapped / invisiframed/ridewraped etc?what finish did you go for …gloss or matte?
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    Levo Gen 3 Show me your sage green levos

    Cwmcarn yesterday….need to get a rear mudguard pronto ! upgrades are :- old inner tube behind the seat post to hold off the mud from the dropper post shorty front mudguard , bolted….hate cable ties Tubeless Halfords water bottle at £3…fits perfectly cheap Aldi top tube bag for tools/spares..I’ll...
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    Levo Gen 2 Rear Mudguard ?

    Anyone know which make/model the one in the picture? 9which I pinched of good old Facebook) looks very neat !
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    Levo Gen 2 Turbo Levo rear mudguard

    Hi..does anyone recognise this rear mudguard ? Looks to fit the contours nicely!
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    Levo Gen 2 Turbo Levo rear mudguard

    Hi, does it fit a 2022 gen 3 levo please ?
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    Levo Gen 3 Has anyone tried this rear mudguard for the Gen3 Turbo Levo?

    Hi….Got a link,for a 2022 model,gen 3 levo comp please,?
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    Levo Gen 3 Looking for frame protection for gen3 levo

    Do you have a link for the camo effect wrap please…..?
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    Giant reign E+2 massive disappointment with warranty

    after multiple component swops and then a new motor, it was out of action over 50 days…., they eventually admitted they didn’t know why they couldn’t fix it, so despite loving the bike ive been refunded and I’ve moved to another marque….shame really as it was a monster truck of a bike for the...
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    Giant reign E+2 massive disappointment with warranty

    To be fair, it’s as much giants warranty / parts infrastucture and processes than the dealer themselves
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    Giant reign E+2 massive disappointment with warranty

    Hi all, I’ve been without my reign e+2 since 25th November… just died in the trail. I returned the bike to the dealer(a large affair) and all I’ve had is delay after delay, whereby they think they identify a failure point, wait 10 to 12 days for it to arrive , fit and then realise it’s...