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  1. Zimmerframe

    Levo Gen 3 Levo Gen 4 2024 Rumours

    TCU 3 also comes equipped with a removable bluetooth calorimetry sensor to monitor what the rider eats for lunch and adjusts the suspension kinematics accordingly with Spesh Turbovalve and even restricts acceleration response to avoid any vomit moments.
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    Ouch at Llandegla

    He doesn't want a fox or badger part, he'd be forever known as "Victoria's Secretions" .. Now a beaver ... who wouldn't want a nice beaver to hand on their shoulder ...
  3. Zimmerframe

    Vitus E-Mythique LT Enduro EMTB - Bargain of the year

    I think when you have someone who is selling an e-bike which is pretty much on a par for 95% of buyers with anything else they can buy - you've already undermined the bike market in competitive way. You just need to overcome everyones pre-conceptions, which is harder said than done. We're all...
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    Pic of the Day

    The other ...... 🙃
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    Vitus E-Mythique LT Enduro EMTB - Bargain of the year

    Today was a bit of a range and power test. @Dado wanted to know if the power drops off after 30% (M510 thread) as it does on the standard Bafang firmware. Good news. It doesn't with the Vitus Firmware (previously tested, but worth checking again). Not had time to ride this week so only at...
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    Levo Gen 3 Levo Gen 4 2024 Rumours

    It uses the same Mag S motor ...
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    Pic of the Day

    Bridge of the day : Hangon .. I'm following @etoni .... Bridge of the day ... Was exploring today and stumbled upon a really nice and long rock garden which I wasn't expecting ... this was unfortunate as excitement took over and I forgot I'd not really tightened my phone in the mount ...
  8. Zimmerframe

    Bafang m510

    Great ride .. Unfortunately I found a really cool Rock garden and broke my phone .. So couldn't see amps. Switched to just watching Watts on the display. Above 30% was 560-580 ish peaks in "T" (3). 29% .... pretty much the same. 25% .. slightly less. 19% .. 540w ish So no big step downs...
  9. Zimmerframe

    Bafang m510

    Ok. I'll try and take it out later and run it down. What are you monitoring for limitstions ? Peak watts reducing (I can see on the 245) or peak amp draw limits (I can see in GO) ? Previously it felt like it reduced at 10% then a big reduction at 5. I hadn't really noticed anything before...
  10. Zimmerframe

    Vitus E-Mythique Tech docs

    E-Mythique Max seatpost insertion depths : S 177mm, M 215mm, L 242mm, XL 270mm. Therefore on a Medium a Oneup V2 max would be 180mm (Calculator) - the oneup calculator also shows you the max from other seatposts : L can run the 210mm post. XL can run the 240 post - though check as it may also...
  11. Zimmerframe

    M820 Bafang - CEF50 frame (lightweight)

    They fit the M510, is that the same crank fitment as the M820 ?? Miranda do one which also fits (M510) - search for Delta LS from what I remember ..
  12. Zimmerframe

    Vitus E-Mythique Fork and Shock Options

    You'd have to hope that some of the Zeron forks work correctly. Presumably it's an assembly issue. I saw one for sale the other day for about €450 so it's not a super cheap fork ! Still waiting for my Zeb 180 to try. I REALLY like the 180 lyric on it, but it's a 27.5 so the front's low (still...
  13. Zimmerframe

    Vitus E-Mythique LT Enduro EMTB - Bargain of the year

    OK, found it again. I think you need a 1T3 cable. Just search Bafang M510 1T3. This replaces the standard first feed cable from the motor which the display connects to and has the extra connections for a throttle and to wire lights in. (It might be it already has all this stuffed up the...
  14. Zimmerframe

    Comment by 'Zimmerframe' in article 'The Sram Eagle Powertrain motor and new battery tech!'

    The TCU bit is the same size, but not software compatible with the Spesh system (Tested). Motor is the same mount holes but the casing is slightly different, so it depends mainly if the battery would fit in the levo tube or if it's larger.
  15. Zimmerframe

    SRAM finally get into the motor game.

    I'd guess if you elected not to run an AXS dropper, for how often you'd use the left switch, you could move it further inboard and have the normal space for a dropper. No idea if the 6 magnets are part of a specific disk or if it's just a ring which mounts on the existing 6 bolt holes like...
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    SRAM finally get into the motor game.
  17. Zimmerframe

    Vitus E-Mythique LT Enduro EMTB - Bargain of the year

    There's a funny splitter cable which does lights and something else, you just blank off the something else. I'll look it up later.
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    Discounted Bike and parts Thread - cheap(er) ebikes & stuff

    If you're in the states or canada .. Manitou Mezzer Pro €659:
  19. Zimmerframe

    Vitus E-Mythique LT Enduro EMTB - Bargain of the year

    Thanks for the tip ! Just checked mine and there were several incorrectly tensioned on the rear and a couple on the front.