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  1. Mad Mark

    Rob the England fan

    I’m pretty sure I’ve just seen ROB on the tv at the football match in the crowd ?
  2. Mad Mark

    Cube Deristricted

    Still no issues after 2 years ? like a dream
  3. Mad Mark

    160 action team bashguard

    My mate brought a rockguardz one, after hitting it a couple of times on tree stumps and all other sort of general hazards it broke, so I messaged Frankie Boy and he made another one for him. Nearly 2 years down the line and mine is still there, admittedly it doesn’t look quite so shiny or...
  4. Mad Mark

    160 action team bashguard

    Frankie Boy made this one for me ?
  5. Mad Mark

    First time EBike owner

    That’s a beauty ?
  6. Mad Mark

    2017 Turbo Levo ST and woes

    Sounds like a very sorry tale Nathan ..... specialised in our country, do seem to be having trouble with their bikes too..... think the moral of this story is don’t buy into their philosophy of “expensive is better” You can get a far better bike, for far less money from most of the other E-bike...
  7. Mad Mark

    Been ripping on new levo ??

    Don’t think you will need that lock somehow ?
  8. Mad Mark

    Are spoke magnets a no no.

    Up there for thinking ....... down there for dancing or peddling ?
  9. Mad Mark

    Are spoke magnets a no no.

    Unless the front one falls off didn’t think about that did you Bill ????
  10. Mad Mark

    Are spoke magnets a no no.

    I have the cube action team 160 for 2 years now and have never had an issue with it. In fact I’ve not had any issues with the bike......apart from falling off occasionally, just buy the bike in the knowledge your buying a well developed product with very reliable and good quality...
  11. Mad Mark

    Would you buy another Giant?

    Now you really have got a wicked sense of humour ?.......stop it?
  12. Mad Mark

    STOP riding...

    Stick with it Gary, I got my first team win last night and the three of us only got 18 kills in that game. playing solo’s I’ve had 2 wins, first win I killed 9 second I only killed 6 The trick is to land out of the way of other players, get as much stuff as possible before you encounter other...
  13. Mad Mark

    STOP riding...

    Now Gary I don’t want you to tell anybody this, so keep it as a secret between you and me........when I started playing COD back In the day, I tried to get a very nasty name like “Devil Dog” or “satan’s child“ but these were all taken so I chose “Fairypants” a very threatening name I’m sure...
  14. Mad Mark

    STOP riding...

    I’ve gone into lockdown on my PLAYSTATION 4 playing call of duty WARZONE......running around killing people with a machine gun....that should be enough exercise for me - then went into panic mode when I realised how old my pad was.... panic bought a new pad on amazon.... should be here...
  15. Mad Mark

    Covid 19 worries !

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZIMMERFRAME ???? have a few beers on your own ?
  16. Mad Mark

    Covid 19 worries !

  17. Mad Mark

    YT Warranty in europe is ridiculously bad...

    That’s why forums are so great, all that shared we can all make a sound decision as to whether we buy one or not..... Think I’m going to have to read it through again before I make my final choice ?
  18. Mad Mark

    How was your ride, in one picture and one line?

    I like a clean ring, otherwise it gets smelly and ichy....... sorry miss read the thread, ignore this last comment........ did wonder why you we’re cleaning yours with a jet washer Gary !
  19. Mad Mark

    A colleague borrowed my Giant Fathom E+ today....

    Don’t ever lend it him again ....... bloody teenagers ?
  20. Mad Mark

    Orbea Wild FS 2020 users have any CX Gen 4 motor chatter/clatter?

    It’s got to be worth the trip just to put your mind at ease..... I think you will be letting yourself down if it’s the bike you’ve got your mind set on Ride it - then buy it - you know you want to ?