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    New 2023 Rise..

    Re: battery 5, yi can download STUnlocker (just the basic version) and that tells you the % and other data. It sends a voice memo reminding you how much battery is left (if you want that). It connects to my Apple Watch to see, also.
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    new lightweight ebike from transition - the relay

    Comparing the Shuttle SL with the Relay, the obvious difference, besides the removable battery, is the travel (fork and shock). Has anyone done a more in-depth comparison and if so do you have a link or personal experience? Some easier questions: Do you have to take the battery out of the...
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    Ibis Oso

    That would be my choice for a full power emtb. Enjoy.
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    Selling e-bike online.

    Try Pinkbike to list your bike. Then PayPal or cash.
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    New orbea rise m20 owner. Any tips?

    Wow. That was well done. Thx. I have a Rise ltd with 2 piston xtr. It seems like the best/easiest change would be to Devore 4 piston and not deal with conversion to bingo and adapters. And keep the brake levers. thoughts?
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    New orbea rise m20 owner. Any tips?

    The was an issue with e13 cranks on the orbea rise last year so it was recommended to switch to shimano. Has that issue been resolved?
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    Levo SL Levo SL 2023 Megathread

    Interesting. And they had problems with the display.
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    Free Chain Stay - Orbea Rise M20 - Size Large Frame

    Great review. Thanks. I was thinking of making the change from the rise to the shuttle SL, too.
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    Comment by 'R2thek' in article 'The new Scott Lumen eRide – introduction and testride of a Superlight emtb'

    i think the wheels are about $5k—to get the headline Weight.
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    Scott Lumen eRide 2023

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    Orbea 2023 Models??

    I am not against riding an eMTB wherever you want. And it you have the skills, even better. But the EXe is still motorized no matter what it looks like.
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    Orbea 2023 Models??

    They just posted a video introducing (not teasing) the new and improved 2023 Rise. Seems like an evolutionary and not a revolutionary change. They showed the silver one. It seems like it would be worth waiting for new 2023 Rise over the 2022 model. Probably not worth trading a 2021 or 2022...
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    2023 Pivot Shuttle SL - Super Light

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    2023 Pivot Shuttle SL - Super Light

    that's what I thought. I liked the picture better
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    2023 Pivot Shuttle SL - Super Light

    What color is that?
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    New 2023 Rise..

    I got that too. Not that exciting. Maybe 2024 will be a major upgrade.
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    How much power do I need?

    Exactly. Rise: You have to manage the gears like you used to on an acoustic bike so gives you a different riding experience Than powering up on a full power bike.
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    Orbea Wild 2023 details

    Very interesting.