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  1. Kilham5

    How did you get on in 2022?

    Up on last year. Mostly on road and gravel bikes. A bit of XC and Cyclocross thrown in :D. Only 250 miles on the e-bike this year :(. 2022 isn't done yet. If it stops raining another ride will see 300k ft
  2. Kilham5

    E160 rsx water bottle

    A £10 side entry cage, like this from eBay, works perfectly with a 550ml Elite Fly water bottle, it fits snuggly in my "small" E150 frame. The Elite Fly bottles have a very shallow top. XLC Bike Cycle Side Entry Bottle Cage. Reversable LH or RH. 7 Colours Available 4055149094416 | eBay Remove...
  3. Kilham5

    Pic of the Day

    Olu Deniz My goodness, that takes me back. Imagine how gung-ho and lawless it was 30+ years ago. There was bugger all there back then, except a couple of bars playing nowt but Tarkan. Absolutely Ace 😆
  4. Kilham5

    How do you lube chain on ebike?

    On the mobility ebike, I just turn the chainring backwards with my fingers and lube a section at a time, don't really understand why regular lubing on eMTB's gets so complicated. I rotate and hot wax my road, cross and gravel bike chains. Make my own wax recipe with a dash of of PTFE and...
  5. Kilham5

    Here's a question just out of curiosity.

    The 1885 Safety Bicycle itself. Everything else is just fluff round the edges. Since ? 1894 Shozaburo Shimano was born
  6. Kilham5

    Pic of the Day

    etoni... just fantastic. :love: That is why there is an M in MTB (or even eMTB)
  7. Kilham5

    Fuel EXe Turning the Fuel EXe into an XC bike? What would be needed?

    Buy a road / gravel bike. Some even come with assistance Ribble CGR AL e | Ribble Cycles
  8. Kilham5

    2023 Whyte e160rsx.

    RRP £4700 Here is my first ever EMTB post prior to purchase
  9. Kilham5

    2023 Whyte e160rsx.

    Spot the difference ? Do I need a new e-bike ?... Erm.. NO After 3300 miles my 2020 bike rides just as well as it did when new.
  10. Kilham5

    Where are you riding this weekend?

    This woman has left a household at 3am on Sunday, apparently with no phone or money. Not seen since. Urgent appeal to find missing Helmsley woman | North Yorkshire Police Hopefully she will turn up on someones sofa... But if not, it is a needle in a haystack north of Helmsley, and the...
  11. Kilham5

    Where are you riding this weekend?

    Looking out of my home office window watching it coming over Sutton Bank. No long road ride for me today. Might go out on the eMTB locally. We have a missing person out of Helmsley,won't do any harm to explore some of the woods off the beaten tracks.
  12. Kilham5

    What about the Specialized S-Works Romin EVO Mirror saddle

    Very nice saddles if you have very deep pockets. Perfect for a very high end road bike where you might spend 5 - 6 hours a day. Not sure how durable they will be for the rigours of MTB riding. Despite the €400 price tag, they are unlikely to solve your bike fit issue.
  13. Kilham5

    Ultrasonic chain cleaning.

    I use one primarily to deep clean new road bike chains of the factory lube before hot waxing. But everything goes in. I got a VEVOR 3 litre capacity with heater, direct from VEVOR for £50 delivered, cheaper than ebay or Amazon. But just done a Google and looks to be no longer available direct...
  14. Kilham5

    Trail Animals

    It must have been, it accepted a piece of a "Greggs" pasty Also UK's only venomous snake makes the mistake of basking in the middle of a fire road. Edit: not actually the only one... otherwise they would be now extinct... the only species "adder"
  15. Kilham5

    Trail Animals

    One of the UK's most feared predators about to rip the arm off an unsuspecting MTBer in Dalby Forest
  16. Kilham5

    What bike are you buying next?

    Colnago C68 Titanium lugged in Black and Gold Shimano M9200 Dura-Ace Di2, rim brakes, Enve wheels on Conti GP5000S 7.2 kg, with unlimited range and speed.
  17. Kilham5

    Pic of the Day

    Snap During deepest lockdown, was that really two years ago.
  18. Kilham5

    Pic of the Day

    As an aside, our family tree has my families ancestors (The Foster's) from the 16th through to the 18th century living in and around Clapham, and buried in St James churchyard at the bottom of that descent. Small world. Now in Helmsley... even smaller world.
  19. Kilham5

    Is the Lightweight low powered market about to kick off ?

    On the contrary, Gary rarely does anything other than state the bleeding obvious. What is an interweb forum for, but for keyboard warriors to continually debate the minutiae of ever narrowing niches? But hey, why stop there? lets widen the debate to. Is a gravel bike merely a road bike with...
  20. Kilham5

    Which goes first, the chicken or the egg ?

    The seal has to be responsible for 99.99% of bearing failures would be my "guess". And the seal may not fail in a strict sense, just unlikely to be 100% effective when subjected to grit, mud and pressure washers. Bearing fails because the seal hasn't protected the bearing.