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    Sold 2015 Bontrager: Repair Maintenance Stand #05268: £50

    Hi, All sold a long time ago.
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    Bike stand for EMTB

    Still used on a reguar basis on my levo with no issues. My friend also uses the same on his Kenevo.
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    Bosch Kiox security option.

    So as a follow up trying to help my friend who had is bike stolen today. Link to my original post: Orbea Wild FS H10 Just Stolen in Liverpool Local dealer contacted Bosch direct on my friends behalf asking is there is a stolen register available to Bosch dealers should someone try to get the...
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    Orbea Wild FS H10 Just Stolen in Liverpool

    Just stolen from car roof in Walton, Liverpool L4 9UY Please don’t go into they fact that this was left unattended for 15mins as my friend who this has just happened to is now fully aware of his error. The bike was locked on roof rack but a grinder was used to remove it also causing damage to...
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    Van fork mount boost

    The back wheels are not secured in any way. The floor has a rubber covering which helps and kit bags are placed in between wheels on very long journeys.
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    Van fork mount boost

    This is what I made for my van Using these
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    2019 to 2021 Turbo Levo Levo Expert Carbon - Roof Rack options

    Have a look on this thread.
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    Local rides around Cheltenham

    Hey Joe. I know the trails around Cheltenham very well. I live in Leckhampton and happy to take you out anytime that suits. Taking in any of the following from my doorstep. Leckhampton Hill, Birdlip, Buckholt Woods, Sheepscombe Woods, Lineover Woods, Chatcombe, Cleeve Hill, Andoversford...
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    Sold 2015 Bontrager: Repair Maintenance Stand #05268: £50

    Got a quote for shipping today price for delivery England, Wales and Scotland (Not Highlands) £17.50
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    Sold 2015 Bontrager: Repair Maintenance Stand #05268: £50

    Bike / Product Year: 2015 Manufacturer: Bontrager: Repair Maintenance Stand Model: #05268 Asking Price: £50 Description: Heavy duty repair/maintenance stand. Bontrager (Model #05268) Price £50. I have used one of these stands over the last two years for maintenance and repair on various e...
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    2019 Turbo Levo Owners Thread

    I have been running these wheels for last 7 months after bearings on original wheels failed. Had no issues covering over 800 miles on all terrain.
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    The best way to mount an carbon frame bike onto a repair stand?

    Halfords £20 version works well with my Levo. Halfords False Cross Bar
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    Upgrade suggestions!

    A friend has a set of almost new Hope Tech3 V4 for sale. Based in Cheltenham. PM me if you would like contact details. Asking £350.
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    How do you always have:tube, tools, and pump with your bike?

    This article covers a few options. The best ways to streamline your gear and still carry the bare essentials - MBR
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    Help your ebike survive winter

    I have been using this for the last month and it works a treat. 2800W Variable Speed Pet Grooming Hair Dryer High Velocity Hairdryer Blaster | eBay
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    Replacement brake pads

    RaceCo | Mountain Bike | Specialized | Cube | Orange | Haibike | E Bike Have them in stock £24.99 a pair
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    Newbie From Stroud uk

    Give Rich or Paul a call at RaceCo | Mountain Bike | Specialized | Cube | Orange | Haibike | E Bike they will give you great advice and service. When you make your purchase I will be happy to show you some local trails around Birdlip, Cranham, Sheepscombe as I am based in Cheltenham.
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    The best mountain bike lights - MBR
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    Anyone Use a Thule UpRide Roof Mounted Rack?

    This was my solution if it helps. Ready to carry 4 embt’s in VW T6 - EMTB Forums
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    Unanswered Levo carbon on a bike stand ??

    I have been using a false cross bar with no issues on my Levo. A friend uses the same for his Kenevo. Halfords False Cross Bar