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  1. RebornRider

    2019 to 2021 Turbo Levo Chain guide Rubbing

    I used a heat gun on mine to soften the plastic, then spread the legs a little bit wider. <chuckle>
  2. RebornRider

    SRAM's new 2023 Drivetrain allows full power shifts

    Wow, quite a lively thread. Two things pop to mind. Back in my muscle car days I used to do full-power, no-lift shifts. This was decades before the ECU did all the clever stuff for you. It was fast, it was impressive, and it was massive abuse of the hardware. When I visualize a full-power...
  3. RebornRider

    New chain + old cassette = useless 1st gear

    FWIW, the new cassette solved the problem. I didn't change the gap (B tension) cuz the SRAM gauge said it was correct as found. Agree that gap affects shifting. I had no issue with shifting yesterday with the new chain + old sprocket. As mentioned, I recorded a close-up video of the gap in...
  4. RebornRider

    New chain + old cassette = useless 1st gear

    Yes, the largest cog. Blame my 55 years of being a car guy for me assuming that y'all say the largest cog is first gear. I don't see why replacing a worn chain with a new chain would change B tension. Looks to me as though that setting is completely independent of the chain. Please explain...
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    New chain + old cassette = useless 1st gear

    I've certainly heard and read about this, but today was my first experience. I cleaned the bike, cleaned the new chain, and installed and lubed the new chain. I thought the cassette had some life left. Wrong! The first climb resulted in fairly loud and violent skipped teeth in first gear...
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    Lotsa rain + lotsa wind = ...

    My grandson is in his 20s! :)
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    Lotsa rain + lotsa wind = ...

    I heard trousers as a kid (60-ish years ago!), but it was a word that only really old people used. Looking back, they may have been immigrants who didn't grow up hearing pants in the US. Pants has been the go-to word for "outerwear" in the US for at least as long as I've been alive.
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    Lotsa rain + lotsa wind = ...

    The upper pic is the single track that parallels the main (double track) Ridgeline Trail (single track Shady Creek Ridge trail according to Trailforks). The lower pic is where Bay Leaf double track trail crossed Sinbad Creek. There as much mud along the Sinbad Creek trail as I've seen in...
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    Lotsa rain + lotsa wind = ...

    I don't think I can pick my way through this! My regular ride in Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park had several forced detours and stream crossings that were not emtb friendly. Most years this stream is dry during summer and no big deal to ride through in winter. Not yesterday!
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    Quick coffee machine poll

    Older Silvia that I converted to PID temperature controller and a DP64 grinder. Why? Because I value value, and I prefer industrial robustness over electronic features on an appliance that's made of chocolate. It took many months of fiddling with a bottomless portafilter to (mostly) get rid...
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    Official EMTB Vasectomy Megathread

    Had mine done, what was it, 2, ... maybe 3 yea ... Oh wait, it was in the early 1980s. Just wait till you have a gigantic prostate and can't pee. Then you will know pain! And the people working the emergency room at the hospital.
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    Weight gain from EMTB

    Speaking of touching a nerve, you seem to have a hair trigger. It is completely illogical to blame the bike when YOU are responsible for the watts you put into the pedals.
  13. RebornRider

    Weight gain from EMTB

    It is so annoying that riders want to blame their ebike for their lack of effort when riding. Get some discipline! IMO, if you gain weight after switching from acoustic to ebike, you probably have a bit of laziness to deal with. I ride my emtb as much for fitness as for fun, and I try to keep...
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    2022+ Turbo Levo how do I get these bearings outs?

    I have the blind puller Alexbn921 posted and used it on the bearings the OP asked about. It worked well, but you will need to buy or make a small slide hammer. I used a long bolt, a sturdy washer, and a very heavy socket. One of the perqs of working on cars for the past 50 years is that I...
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    When your battery runs out

  16. RebornRider

    2019 to 2021 Turbo Levo Are Brose & Specialized Fixing Their Motor Problem ?

    I was the Lead Systems Engineer / Technical Lead for medical device products for more than 20 years. I've endured countless team meetings where a defect found in testing was brushed off. "How many sales will we lose if we don't fix the defect?" "We've gotta get this thing on the market NOW...
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    Has your EMTB made you fitter, or kept you as fit, as your regular MTB?

    Nope, the bike does not make you lazy. You make you lazy. It's your choice, not the bike's. To make it as harsh as possible, don't blame the bike for your lack of discipline.
  18. RebornRider

    Has your EMTB made you fitter, or kept you as fit, as your regular MTB?

    The amount of effort you put into your ride is up to you, not the bike. You can choose to work harder on an ebike than an acoustic bike. Or you can choose to let the ebike do some of the work you used to do on the acounstic bike. It's your choice.
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    Impact of California rain on my local trail

    Wow, I step away from the thread I started for a few days and somebody gets seriously triggered. I'll just mention that science is theory supported by experiments that can be replicated. Prior to replicated, well designed and controlled experiments, it's just speculation. The thing I like to...