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  1. Gw0175

    All New Orbea Wild

    Shop have requested a warranty replacement which Orbea have said will be between 3-5 weeks hopefully. You're absolutely correct about QC, especially at the price of these bikes. Looking at the picture, the factory have even installed frame wrap on the chainstay next to the damage so surely...
  2. Gw0175

    All New Orbea Wild

    The bike shop I had my new wild M10 delivered to this week have left me a voicemail saying there's an issue with my bike that they've just built. Hopefully nothing serious but I'll call them tomorrow to find out. Will keep yous in the loop if its anything significant. Just wish they'd said in...
  3. Gw0175

    Orbea 2023 Models??

    I ordered a custom coloured wild M10 with upgraded components on the 3rd Feb. Mine was despatched 2 days ago to my nearest Orbea dealer in the UK who will then post to my door 👍🏻 At the time I ordered, the estimated delivery was 15th May so over the moon its been brought so far forward...
  4. Gw0175

    All New Orbea Wild

    I got my dispatch notification today. Will get some pics up when she arrives 👌🏻
  5. Gw0175

    All New Orbea Wild

    Mine is showing an estimated date of 7th March, driving me crazy!! 😂 Cannot wait!
  6. Gw0175

    All New Orbea Wild

    Cheers Rob, will keep my eyes peeled for the release, much appreciated!
  7. Gw0175

    Hello from the Highlands

    What a way to introduce yourself... 🙄
  8. Gw0175

    All New Orbea Wild

    @Rob Rides EMTB Morning Rob, just wondered if you'd be in a position to find out any further details of a release date from your contacts regarding my email below. ORBEA haven't got back to me yet.... "Our new 2023 Wild models use the new HS02 headset standard. This HS02 system has been...
  9. Gw0175

    All New Orbea Wild

    Hey... Did you sort this? Doesn't look normal at all?
  10. Gw0175

    Levo SL New Mid powered Levo to Rival The Orbea Rise .

    I think he meant that particular photo appeared on the Internet 2/3 months back 👍🏻
  11. Gw0175

    New bullet

    Any link at all ?
  12. Gw0175

    Go pro.. not sending out what’s purchased…?

    I've bought many cameras and accessories and always thought their service was pretty sweet 👍🏻
  13. Gw0175

    A general observation about Bike launches

    Unfortunately we cannot skip the foreplay on this occasion 🙄
  14. Gw0175

    My 2022 Heckler Battery Keeps Falling Out

    6k? I'm tempted to jump on a flight from the UK at that price!!
  15. Gw0175

    Fuel EXe Official Trek Fuel EXe Megathread!

    Anyone in the UK got theirs yet? I was told mine would be here in September but now mid November
  16. Gw0175

    STOLEN BIKE for awareness

    Wow, what an adventure haha! Thanks for the positive post, just goes to show that we should not give up all hope! I'll keep checking all the usual places meantime! Hopefully the bike doesn't show up in Poland but you just never know!!!
  17. Gw0175

    STOLEN BIKE for awareness

    Cheers mate, defo upping the security next time around 👍🏻
  18. Gw0175

    STOLEN BIKE for awareness

    I've been trawling the Internet for the bike/parts of the bike. My friends Santa Cruz turned up on Facebook 6 months later so you just never know! Thanks mate.
  19. Gw0175

    STOLEN BIKE for awareness

    Thank you for the kind message. Not even a year old but yes, plenty of great times on that bike fortunately.
  20. Gw0175

    STOLEN BIKE for awareness

    Cheers for the kind words. Yeah I've come off it completely now. Prob overkill but I'm just not taking anymore chances!