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    Van internal bike transportation

    Considering buying a caddy myself. Do you think you’d be able to store one 1.9m long bike laid down flat without wheel off in the back?.
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    Can you fit a 2m long bike in a caddy without wheels off?.

    Ah excellent!. That’s very helpful thanks.
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    Bike van/mpv recommendations

    I presume that’s a VW?. That’ll be 25k plus for a low mileage one.
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    Bike van/mpv recommendations

    Yes those do look good. Do you own one?.
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    Bike van/mpv recommendations

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a van or mpv that can carry 3 people and two 2 metre long bikes without the wheels off. Also would prefer if it has a rear window and looks not that much like a van. At the moment looking at Caddy maxis. Budget is £15,000.